A new feature – volume 2

Hello fellow TWD bakers! I’m back with the “new feature.”  We really do need to come up with a name for this.  Anyway, to refresh your memory:  I will be writing/hosting/moderating a new column with a focus on that kitchen tool or ingredient that is always in use in your kitchen. Or the one that you have and you don’t know how to use it or have recipes to use it in.  Or the one that you only ever use for one thing and you’re looking to broaden your horizions.  Here’s a chance to inform and learn.

This week I’m looking at a kitchen tool.  It’s a handy dandy ice cream scoop!

I use my ice cream scoop for a zillion things in my kitchen.  Funny enough, I don’t use it for ice cream!  For that I use a spade.  But I digress.  I have two different sizes of ice cream scoop.  One is like the larger one on the top.  I use it for filling muffin cups, making meatballs, layering cake batter for marbling, scooping salads (tuna, chicken etc) to make them look pretty, and just about any place where a controlled amount is needed.  My second scoop is smaller, like the one on the bottom.  That I use for mini muffin tins, cookie dough, truffles, butter balls, and any other place where a smaller scoop is desired.  They make portioning out food very easy.  For me, it’s cleaner to use the scoop than a spoon or rubber spatula.

Sometimes a recipe will ask for a specific scooper by number.  A #20 is the standard size that you would find at an ice cream store.  According to my research:  “Standard US disher size numbers are the amount of scoops in a quart. A number 20 is 1/20th of a quart. That would be 1.6 fluid ounces or 3.2 Tbsp.”  Having said that, the easiest way to figure out what a scoop holds is to fill it with water and then measure.  Or you could just eyeball it.

What’s your great use for an ice cream scoop?

If you have an idea for this column, please e-mail me and let me know!  iahawk89@comcast.net

•••• These photos are from the Norpro page.  They had great examples of scoops.  Anyone else notice that these are on the cookie and muffin page!?


6 thoughts on “A new feature – volume 2

  1. Number #1 use would be for cookie dough (especially if I’m going to freeze the balls), and then meatballs. I have 3 sizes–only because I have a hard time assessing the size I need in the store with 10+ choices and tend to buy too big. Thanks for explanation regarding sizing.

  2. I love scoops – and you’ll notice in restaurant supply stores that there are about 10 different sizes! I have a small, medium and large (for those BIG cookies). I usually have to measure them with liquid, since I tend to forget (1.5 oz, etc). Use them for cookie dough mostly and for cupcakes. Thanks for the explanation of sizing – I would have never thought that! Very helpful!

  3. I love dishers! Unfortunately, since I moved to a new place, I’ve lost the use of my roommate’s several dishers.
    Oh, about the sizing of dishers –
    According to Alton Brown, you can find the # of a disher on the swively bit that’s inside the scoop. That number represents it’s portion of a quart. For example a #20 disher is 1/20 quart. A #12 is 1/12 quart.

  4. Muffin batter is the primary use for my large scoop. Never use it for ice cream either.

    I bought a small one for ganache to make bonbons. It turned out that what seemed like a small scoop made a huge bonbon. Need an even smaller one.

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