P&Q: Cherry-Fudge Brownie Torte

Sorry Im late folks. I had this nagging feeling the past 24 hours like I was forgetting something. It just hit me now what that was!

Go to it.

49 thoughts on “P&Q: Cherry-Fudge Brownie Torte

  1. Just a heads-up for those making half recipe: I used a 6″ springform pan that is very deep (3″) and I needed all that depth for the torte + mousse. Mine seemed to take a good bit longer to bake than I thought, but I just kept testing with a knife until it turned out as Dorie instructed, and it was perfect. My mousse wasn’t remotely pourable, but it tasted delicious. Loved the torte (even if it got every dish + post in the kitchen dirty!)

  2. Thanks Nancy – good to know. I used the full recipe and 2 6-inch sprinforms, but haven’t put them together yet. I also used cognac in place of kirsch. And even at 6″ – it took a good 10-15 longer to get “a few moist crumbs” on a toothpick. It also took longer to make than I estimated – but well worth the effort. It’s a very thick and heavy brownie! Can’t wait to see what the final looks like.

  3. okay..dont throw anything at me. While I loooove chocolate and love cherries, I do not love chocolate and cherries together. So, what do I do. Do I sub stuff and make it my own or do I skip it because Im really going off the grid here.

    • I really don’t like chocolate and cherries together either – but my husband loves the combo. So – he’ll be happy if I make it strictly per the recipe but I won’t touch it with a ten foot pole…maybe I should do a half recipe for him and experiment with another half recipe for myself…

      Caramel and nuts are sounding good to me…mmmm…a turtle torte

    • I’m not a fan of chocolate and cherries, either, but I thought this was really good. Nevertheless, I do think you could make it without the fruit or sub in prunes.

    • yeah, nither do i. made it as is, though b/c my husband loves the combo (just like rhiani). i have to admit that it was good. but i think you could leave them out entirely and still have a tasty brownie-like layer.

      • I have dried cranberries and I really don’t want to buy dried cherries. Should I use the cranberries or just go without fruit entirely? I can’t decide!

    • I made it with the cherries, but I think it would be great without them (and I wouldn’t add them if I made this again). It’s a really fudgy, delicious brownie; definitely worth making even without any fruit!

  4. Here’s my heads-up with this recipe. If you use ricotta instead of mascarpone, like I did, you need to whip the cream before adding it or you get soup not mousse.
    Even then, I gave it an hour in the freezer so it would hold up during photos.
    This was an expensive recipe. The dried cherries cost $10. That’s why I didn’t use mascarpone. It would have been another $9.

  5. I think I might skip this one… too much work for something nobody in my house will probably touch… I’m looking fwd to you guys’s pix though!

  6. I just took my brownie out of the oven–left it in an extra 5 minutes and am hoping like heck it’s baked all the way through. I couldn’t get any Kirsch, either, so I subbed amaretto.

  7. This is going to be a lovely cake to make – I’ll use glace cherries instead of sour though and do without the setting alight thing. I do hope one of us is going to do the fancy decoration technique with chocolate stripes that Dorie describes – can’t imagine doing it without a picture though.

    • Heather, I tried it, but then couldn’t find a toothpick, so I had to use a thin knife. Even if it’s not the exact pattern, I think it looked pretty, the contrast of the white and red. (Of course, once mine got smeared it looked a little like ketchup, LOL)

  8. Where are you ladies finding the tart cherries? All I’m finding are sweetened ones, and I’d rather use the tart.

    Thanks for all the great suggestions – every week. I adore your ingenuity and rely upon your expertise.

  9. Iam still debating this one…but IF I did make it I’d do some minor changes. This is reminding me of a Black Forest Cake I made for my Dad’s Bday once.

    I wouldn’t use dried cherries, I’d use Trader Joe’s Morello Cherries in the jar (dried cherries doesn’t appeal to me with the fancy cream topping), and instead of Kirsch (no liquor here), I’d use some of the juice from the jar. I would also instead of paying $4+ for a little thing of mascarpone, I would make some faux mascarpone found here: http://www.recipezaar.com/Mascarpone-Cheese-Substitute-66077

  10. I’m doing this in parts – brownie today, mousse tomorrow, serving Monday for my sweet father-in-law’s birthday. I already (just from the taste of the batter and the smell) think it is one of the best things I’ve ever baked!

  11. Ah shucks! We should have done a tribute to the Paris lady. I know she went to Paris a couple of days ago but i was thinking I read somewhere that it was her anniversary. Its her birthday?
    Would she mind if we sang Happy Birthday to her? hehe If only!!!

  12. I made this for my birthday party Friday night. It was a HUGE hit. I loved the interplay between the sweet brownie and the not-so-sweet mousse.

    One thing about it was that I made it all in one day, and put it in the fridge at 5pm Friday. I served it at midnight (birthday was actually Saturday). After seven hours, the mousse was SET, but soft. The next morning for breakfast (heh), though, the mousse was perfect. So I think if you can let it set for longer, it’s better.

  13. Im sorry to say, I am going to skip this one. As stated above, Im not a chocolate/cherry combo fan. With that and my inlaws being in town, who brought me 2 gallon zipper bags of pecans, I baked a pecan pie, spiced pecans and pecan pie muffins. Im baked out and have enough sweets for a week.

  14. This is chilling in the fridge now. Turned out I didn’t buy enough mascarpone, only had 8 oz instead of 12, so I threw in the last 2.5 oz of cream cheese I had and winged it. Because of that I ended up with more of a spreadable topping than a pourable topping. But oh the taste! Yum! I ended up using dried strawberries, grenadine and red raspberry preserves. Used what I had on hand instead of running to the store. Crossing my fingers, but I’m sure by the way everything smelled it will be delicious. :)

    • This – with the 8 oz. mascarpone – is exactly what happened to me! I thought it was still pretty pourable with the cream. I didn’t think the taste suffered at all.

      • I think mine wasn’t pourable because I added the extra cream cheese to make up for the missing mascarpone. At any rate it was a delicious topping. I tried a bite a few minutes ago and it was VERY rich. BUT that could be because I also ate a slice of apple cider pound cake with caramel glaze right before that LOL! I’ll have to try it with a clean palate tomorrow ;)

    • Mine was definitely more of a spreadable topping, too, and I used the correct portions of mascarpone and cream cheese (scaled to a quarter of the recipe), so I’m not sure where I went wrong. I’m sure it will still taste wonderful, though.

      • I used the correct proportions of cream cheese, mascarpone, and cream, and mine was spreadable not pourable. Who knows? It tasted wonderful.

        I’ll add: I’ve never been a chocolate + cherry person either, but it was a subtle combination in this cake, I thought, and really delicious. In fact, next time I bake this I will increase the cherries by 50% and skip the chopped chocolate that’s stirred in.

        I decorated my cake top – you’ll have to check my post on Tuesday…

  15. I did a swirl design on the top — looked lovely until I unmolded the cake! The mousse was so soft it sagged and ran all over the place. Check out my blog on Tuesday for the ridiculous pictures. Tasted good, though!

  16. My topping was also “spreadable” not “pourable” – wonder if it was b/c of overmixing? Didnt bother me since it tasted *so* delicious! Terrific flavor! Look forward to seeing everyone’s!

    • My topping was also spreadable, as opposed to pourable. In the words of the song, “If that is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!” Oh my goodness. That is the best stuff. I’m thinking I will make a half batch to top my Thanksgiving pumpkin pie! How fabulous would that be?!

  17. I didn’t have kirsch so I used white wine instead. I also didn’t have mascarpone cheese, so I used two containers of whipped cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and cream. I added about 1/2 cup of cherry filling to the cream cheese. It was thick, but not too thick. I spread it on top and it looked good. It’s in the fridge now. I am not a big cherry fan, but my hubby loves them, so he should like this one.

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  19. Another cherry disliker here…but this turned out waaaay better than I thought it would! It was a pleasant surprise; my family enjoyed it and I ended up taking most of it to a little gathering where everyone loved it. And I even videotaped the flambe.

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