48 thoughts on “P&Q: All in One Holiday Bundt Cake

  1. Is this the same cake (with chinese 5-spice) that was in Bon Appetit? I’d have to get my copy out, but thought it might be the same one… have always wanted to try the BA version!

    • No five-spice that I noticed. Just everything else in the world. Very pleased to get out my cranberries for the first time this season. My hoarded supply generally lasts until around April and then I have to wait until October again. Have to get a bigger freezer. I used sweet potato for the pumpkin, lowering the granulated sugar a bit, and almonds for the pecans. My mother loved it.

  2. I made this last year for Thanksgiving and noticed that it tasted much better the next day. I didn’t think it was amazing the first day, but after it sat overnight, it was amazing.
    I would make it a day ahead, wrap it tightly and then serve it the following day, and add the glaze the day you are going to serve.
    Just a thought.
    I made it with pecans. Yummy.

  3. MaryAnn, thanks! I’ll remember that. I’m planning on (well, hoping) making this earlier in the month, then letting it cool and freezing it for Thanksgiving. I wonder if that would have the same “wait a day before serving” effect?

    Despite all my baking I really lack experience in freezing items. But I’m super busy this year so I’m hoping when I do have time and am in wanting to bake that I can actually get a bit ahead in my holiday prep.

  4. Aaargh! I just realiesd I forgot to add the baking powder! This is the first time I have ever done anything like this and I have been baking for years! The cake looks ok – though it didn’t rise very much…
    Have yet to taste it.
    Has this ever happened to any of you guys, and what happened to the cake (apart from being super dense) – will it affect the flavour????

    • Update – the cake tastes great despite my absent-minded bungling! In fact, it has already been gobbled up. Ok, so it is a little bit dense, but that just seems to concentrate all the flavours. It really is a testament to the greatness of Dorie that one can leave out something as essential as baking powder and still come out with a fabulous cake!

  5. Katrina – I’m sure it probably would. It says to dice the apple, I would probably do that because I think with grating it you are going to have some juice loss.

    I made this cake yesterday, despite being sicker than a dog with a stupid hangover from drinking way too much Port wine. UGH. I baked mine for 60 minutes and took it out as the toothpick test passed. I am not sure if I just need a new bundt pan or what, but this is the second cake to stick inside the pan. I really don’t think it was baked all the way because it felt rather flimsy coming out of the pan, could have benefited from longer time. Seems that most Dorie recipes for me are done on the shorter end of the recommended time,but that didn’t seem to be the case this time.

    Anyway, after I pieced it all back together and glazed it, it still looks like an ugly duckling BUT the flavor is really phenomenal. I stuck strictly with the recipe and will definitely make this again. I might make this for Thanksgiving :)

  6. this cake is so delicious!! I love the cranberries in it- the cake is pretty sweet but the cranberries add the perfect amount of tartness here and there! what a wonderful, wonderful Fall recipe!

    • I used dried with fresh the first time I made it and I really couldn’t taste them at all. I’m sure it will still turn out fine but I would suggest plumping them in some juice before adding. And perhaps add extra.

  7. I made this in a silicone bundt ban, which isn’t a pretty pan, but the cake came out of it in one piece. It’s delicious! Not overly spiced, and I love the bites of tart cranberry. I skipped the icing and it seems like more of a muffin or quick bread type thing than a cake.

  8. Mine looked great coming out of the oven, but stuck to the pan. Pictures may not be fantastical. Tastes amazing. I didnt have an apple on hand, so I subbed raisins and added 1/2 cup of white chocolate chips. yum city.

  9. Mine also completely stuck to the pan, but it tasted great. I won’t have any pictures bc it looked BAD. It might be time for me to get a new bundt pan.

  10. I had the interesting experience that the budst I did in the metal pans didn’t stick, but the ones in silicone did. I have made this before in a metal pan without any problems. So my theory is is – this cake shouldn’t be baked in silicone (which seems the reverse of what you’d think, but true!).

  11. Has anyone tried this as cupcakes? Since I don’t own a bundt pan and certainly don’t need a whole cake at home during the holidays, I thought this would be a nice “bring to work” dessert.

    Any suggestions on cooking times, etc. would be appreciated!

  12. I would need some hints for the pumpkin purree, which doesn’t exist where I am living.
    Could I possibly try to make it on my own? I have a wonderful pumpkin at home… But maybe that would be too moisty? Eventually if I drain it through a strainer?
    Has anyone experience with taking self-made purree instead of canned one?
    Thanks a lot!!

    • It’s very easy–I don’t think I’ve bought canned pumpkin in years. Roast or steam your pumpkin, mash it up, drain it if it REALLY seems moist, and go to it. This one’s a no-brainer.

  13. I cut my pumpkin in half and put cut side down and roasted in oven at 350F until soft. It doesn’t tend to be too watery when roasted rather than boiled. Puree in food processor. If it is too moist, then I would cook slowly until reduced. Like Katya, I never buy canned puree any more.

  14. glad i checked here before making this today. i am subbing sweet potato for the pumpkin and using almonds instead of pecans (only because i have a cold and couldn’t go to the store to get the ingredients!) like Katya. thanks and will let you all know how it went. glad it can stay at room temp for 5 days!


  15. These make great “loaf” cakes for gifts (but leave one for yourself). If the batter is any indication of how good they are….!

  16. Great cake! Even my no-pumpkin man enjoyed it (some). The kids loved it too, especially with a bit of maple syrup drizzled on top (plus the yummy maple syrup glaze). I cooked mine for 55 minutes and that was perfect. One more minute more and it might have darkened too much. I have not used spray on non-stick stuff with baking for a year or so, because everything seems to stick. I lather up generously with slightly softened butter. This worked and the cake came out in one piece, looking pretty. The flavor is very “holiday” bread-ish, but still light. I really love this “cake”. The maple syrup glaze is *wonderful* on this cake too.

  17. I was surprised that mine only baked for 50 minutes. Glad I checked before the timer went off.

    I’ve been using a home-made “pan grease” for a while that works really well to prevent sticking. You mix one part flour to one part shortening to one part vegetable oil (or other oil). Mix well and store in an air tight container. It keeps for a long time. It doesn’t look pretty, but it works really well. I applied a healthy coat to my pan and I had no sticking.

    Can’t wait to try this bundt!

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