40 thoughts on “P&Q: Cran-Apple Crisps

  1. First – thanks Laurie, for posting this so early.

    I made the crisp last night, and it was wonderful. The only recommendation I have it to decrease the amount of sugar for the filling – it’s a bit too sweet. That’s just my personal opinion, of course, but the topping has more than enough sugar to carry through.

    Otherwise, these (I quartered the recipe and made 2 ramekins) were terrific, and I’ll probably be making them again for Thanksgiving. The combination of apples and cranberries is a real winner.

  2. i LOVE crisps. i actually made 4 ramekins last night of just a plain apple one. crisps are so versatile. i’ll most likely be making this and the holiday bundt for thanksgiving. along with a traditional apple pie or bourbon pumpkin cheesecake. mmmm.

  3. I still have a partial bag of frozen tart cherries from the summer. Do you think those would work in place of the cranberries? Would I need to increase or decrease the sugar? I was thinking of doing apples (or pears) and cherry and making Dorie’s burnt sugar icecream recipe to go with it.

  4. jenjw4: i think that the cherries are a great idea! and i would probably (in my opinion only) pair them with pears! it sounds so great! make sure if you add apples or pears to not chop them too tiny or you won’t get the full effect you are probably looking for. but don’t cut them too big either because they will most likely sink :)

  5. Just popped these in the oven. The topping is honestly one of the best I’ve ever tasted, perhaps because of the sweet coconut. I’ll let you know how the finished product turns out.

  6. Sorry, hit “Submit” too fast. I subbed chopped pecans for the coconut (was only using 1/8 cup for 1/4 recipe and couldn’t see opening a package of coconut for that), and the topping was great.

  7. I love Granny Smith apples. I made an apple tarte tatin recently and the apples were perfect. I can’t wait to make this. Dorie’s strawberry rhubarb crisp is one of my favorite recipes in the book (yes, the topping is sweet) and this looks similar.

  8. I skipped the coconut and just upped the oats by a 1/2 cup, although blitzing it in the food processor turned them into oat flour :( My only suggestion is that if you like cranberries, put more in. I put in an extra 1/4 cup, and could have put even more in and been happy.

    • No, I don’t think it would make any difference. I think as long as you don’t use ‘instant’. I actually used granola because I didn’t have any oats or coconut so I got everything in. It was wonderful. I doubled the cranberries and it was very festive and bursting with flavour.

  9. I used cherries, about a cup and a half and four pears. I added extra corn starch, thinking that the cherries and pears would be more juicy, but that was a mistake, the liquid part was a little thick. I also should have put a little less sugar, as the cherries were maybe a little sweeter than cranberries (even though they were tart cherries).

    For the topping, I added a drop of almond extract and a pinch of salt.

  10. is there anything I can substitute for the oatmeal in this topping? I just discovered I’m allergic to oats. What a bummer. I can’t think of anything that would work as a substitute that would be crunchy enough. Help?

  11. This went very well for me! I made it this morning, following the recipe as-is, for a brunch, and it got rave reviews. I did most of the crisp in an 8 x 8 square pan, which was deeper than my 9″ cake pan (had a bit of topping left over), but I also did two little tartelette tins for a vegan and a gluten free guest – I just did the filling first, didn’t add the flour, and put their fruit in oiled tins without topping. Those took about 25-30 minutes, and the big crisp took about 40 minutes. Quite nice, good sweet/tart balance.

  12. This turned out wonderful! I made it in a large shallow dish. Not sure of measurements, but it worked perfectly.

    I increased the cranberries a bit and loved the tartness. I know it’s been mentioned that it is best the day it is made, but I sure enjoyed it a day after!

    The topping recipe is a keeper!

  13. I’m glad this one was well received as I had a great time choosing it.

    I’ve been busy with travel the past two weeks so I had to make this early last month and was super pleased how easy it was. It got rave reviews from those I served it to :)

    I’ll have the full recipe as part of the write up on my blog for anyone who wants to ensure the hostess includes it.

    I loved this recipe and am glad others are enjoying making it as well.

    Have a delicious day…
    The Repressed Pastry Chef

  14. Really loved this crisp. This is just my third time baking with the Dorie Bakers and am enjoying the recipes. Looking forward to continuing through the book.

  15. Mine is in the oven right now in a 9″ deep dish pie plate. I checked it after 35 minutes (recipe says 40-45), but didn’t see any bubbling, so I’m going the full 45. Crossing my fingers, sure does smell incredible!

  16. I have been trying to decide, for the past couple of days, if I should post my comments or not… Since I am new to this group and I sometimes beg to differ with a recipe, not often… but sometimes, I didn’t know if I should voice my opinion here or not. But alas… I have and This is one recipe where I truly still like mine better…. I love the richness of this dessert and I thought this particular recipe lacked flavor and was not a good blend of ingredients, too sweet and dry. It looked very pretty when finished tough. I also love to add fresh chopped pecans to mine, I think they add just that right touch of fall nuttiness that makes the dessert complete.

    But I did want to say thanks to Em, for challenging me to step out of my box and try something new instead of just relying on an old favorite.

    • Don’t be worried about voicing your opinion, we aren’t all going to like all the picks :) I’m surprised that you said yours was dry as mine had liquid sitting in the bottom of the dish after scooping some out. As for sweetness, I completely agree it was too sweet, as do many I think. I am going to make this for Thanksgiving but have decided to reduce the amount of sugar in the fruit mixture. I am wondering though if the sweetness was due in part to the apples I chose, I used Fuji and they tend to lean more on the sweeter side than the tart. :)

    • Wow, Im shocked yours was dry too, but mine had tons of liquid at the bottom. I wished I had added more flour. Im betting it has a lot to do with what kind of apples you use. I used Granny Smiths and they were large. Maybe they let go too much juice for the amount of flour added. I added pecans as well and it was a welcomed addition to the cobbler.

      Lastly, please always say what you think. Thats why we do the P&Qs. Opinions are always welcome, whether they are good or bad. (As long as comments are kept respectful of course. )

  17. This was interesting for me, as I’d never had crisp before and don’t particularly like fruit desserts. It was so easy to throw together! And I actually enjoyed it, especially with a little scoop of ice cream. I baked mine in a souffle dish for about 50 minutes and that seemed perfect. I was thinking of adding walnuts or pecans or something next time…and maybe a tiny bit of cinnamon or something to the fruit. And a little less sugar.

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