43 thoughts on “P&Q: Sugar-Topped Molasses Spice Cookies

  1. These are amazing!! I loved these more than I can explain! We ate all of the cookies before I took one picture, so it looks like I’ll have to make them again. Oh well, no complaints on my end!!

  2. I recently bought a box of the larger grain raw sugar, would that work for rolling the dough in? Or would it be “too crunchy?”

  3. Hmmm…these are, IMO, a little sweeter than gingersnaps. The molasses flavor is more prominent than the ginger.

    I think the larger sugar grains would be delish!

    Mine most recent batch (2 days ago) spread like crazy b/c I let the butter get too soft and melty instead of room temp. My fault for being lazy and microwaving it instead of letting it soften on its own!

    However, I’ve made these a few times already and you just can’t go wrong with them. Another tip I have to offer is to wet your hands when you’re rolling them into balls. You get so sticky by the end it’s hard to form them properly.

  4. Mine were nice and chewy, but yes, your hands get really sticky with the dough when making them. I liked the crisp crackle of regular sugar, but might try rolling some in raw sugar. I’ll let people know how that works!

  5. I rolled my dough into logs and cut them straight from the freezer. They ended up a great thickness. On some I used the coarse sparkly sugar and they look pretty good. We actually prefer no sugar on the outside.

    • Barbara, I made them about half the size specified in the book. They baked really fast and got very crunchy, so just watch them in the oven carefully if you make them smaller.

  6. Barbara, I made 12 cookies ( as in the recipe ) with the first half of dough and made about 20 smaller sized cookies with the second half. Both were amazing! I love this recipe. :)

    Also, since I made this out of the listed order, are all the hosts going to post the recipes starting tomorrow?

  7. I made half a batch and did use the raw sugar on the outside. It was pretty.
    I used two large cookie sheets and just put 6 cookies on each and they did spread a lot. Kept a pretty round shape, though, and while thin they were chewy. If you like molasses and ginger then you should like them. Oh, and I think they’d make great sandwich cookies, maybe with cinnamon ice cream in the center.

  8. These are almost identical to my mom’s molasses cookies, except she uses butter. I love the subtle pepper taste; if anything, I wish I used more! The dough is currently chilling, and it tastes so good these may never see the oven.

  9. Made these tonight. They taste much better baked than as a batter. Thought the batter was good, but kind of strange. Baked, they are delicious, slightly spicy, chewy and crunchy at the same time. However, I had a really hard time flattening them after rolling them in the sugar. I had the best luck using a flat spatula, but none of the methods I used worked great. So, very few of mine are perfect circles.

  10. I adore these cookies. I made them last week. I opted to go heavier on the ground pepper and was so happy. The dough was incredible, I had to hide it from my husband.

    I let the dough chill overnight and they formed perfectly.

    I also only put 6-7 cookies per sheet, they spread a lot!

    One of my favorite parts of these besides the flavor was the texture–crunchy on the outside and chewy in the center.

    I’ll be posting these tomorrow!

  11. I made small cookies, about 1-inch balls of dough. I baked one sheet at 375 degrees for about 9 minutes instead of 350 degrees, and I liked those better because they retained just a bit more height. Also, I think the cookies need more salt, but you can take that with a grain of (ha!) salt, because I say that about almost all of Dorie’s recipes.

  12. I have never cooked with molasses before. The dough is now chilling in the fridge and I have a question while it’s chilling. Are the supposed to smell bad? The smell is HORRIBLE. The dough was fine until I added the molasses and now it has the most horrible smell.

    • Kristen- I would agree that maybe your molasses was bad. Make sure not to get black-strap molasses. The dough should smell ‘gingerbready’ but not bad by any means. Should smell like Thanksgiving in a bowl. ;)

  13. It shouldn’t smell bad at all. Mine smelled warm and spicy, and I actually had to throw the other half of dough out because I kept eating it. Maybe your molasses is bad? Take a wee bite of the dough, and if it tastes as bad as it smells, I’d bing it.

  14. Ok I’m really annoyed with myself not seeing Dorie’s comment about 9 per sheet. I used a regular baking sheet (13×9) and ended up with square cookies in the first batch LMAO! But these are sooooooo good that I don’t mind at all : ) I’ll eat all the square ones and switch to a larger pan for the remaining batch.

  15. These are so, so good! And, I was surprised that the whole family liked them, even the anti-ginger husband. I live at high altitude ~5300 feet and put a bit of shortening in a lot of my cookie recipes. For this one I used a stick of butter plus 4 tbsp butter flavored shortening. I also baked them as balls and did not flatten them prior to baking. We like soft cookies, and they were just perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

    • I just realized, reading your comment, that I didn’t flatten mine, either! Maybe that’s why mine were soft instead of crispy? Oh, well, they turned out great.

  16. I just made these and OMG are they good. Almost TOO good in some ways!

    For those asking about raw or turbinado sugar, I rolled mine in demerara and it was absolutely awesome. It gave them just the right about of “crunch” and sweetness, and lent a nice taste as well. I would definitely recommend raw or demerara if you can get it. I’ll probably use only that going forward.

    Mine had a very strong molasses flavor because I realized too late I only had dark brown sugar, but I was still fine with it. The texture was fine, too; I only baked half the recipe, so only had four on a sheet. They spread, but not that bad. I was surprised that they stayed soft (except for the edges), because some people said they were very crispy when they made them.

    All in all, I loved this recipe and will make it again. I do have half the dough left; tempted to freeze it to see if it will keep well…

  17. I baked these off today, put 6 on a tray and they were fine. Some came out with a crackle top, some not. I rolled them in Turbinado sugar too.

    I had to hide them because my 2 1/2 yr old kept eating them off the cooling rack, once he even grabbed a raw cookie off the tray and ate it! (they looked like a baked cookie). I’m glad and surprised he likes them!

    Since they are SOOO good, and they only make 24. I have to ration them out. lol

  18. I LOVE these cookies. 1) I baked just six cookies per sheet and that was about right. 2) I also rolled them in raw sugar and loved the sparkle and crunch. 3) I like cookies soft and chewy, so I didn’t flatten the balls of dough before putting them in the oven. This worked perfectly. These are *perfect* with cinnamon ice cream!

  19. just made these–not much more to add. I also did 6 per and that was perfect. I was pleased by how fast they were to throw together and then to prep for baking. Also any recipe that lets me just do a few at a time is a winner in my book! Next time I might augment the spices some–right now all I get is butter and molasses, very little spice (though I do love butter and molasses!) All I had on hand was regular sugar, which disappeared once they’d baked, so next time I’d get some cookie decorating sugar, or demarara, or turbinado.

  20. Quick question — how much pepper did you use? I used a very small pinch because I was intimidated by pepper in a sweet, but now I am wishing I added more. I guess I am wondering what worked for everyone to give it that extra kick of spice.

  21. I finally did it! It’s been months since I baked a TWD selection ON TIME and what a pick! These cookies are fantastic. The entire family gobbled them up before I knew it. I will make these again and again, especially during the next few months when I’m feeling the spirit of the holidays. A winner recipe!

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