December Recipes

I think this is a fantastic month of recipes for the Holidays!

December 1– Lauren of I’ll Eat YouRosy Poached Pear and Pistachio Tart, pages 370 and 371.

December 8–  Barbara of Bungalow BarbaraSablés, pages 131-133.

December 15– Macduff of The Lonely SidecarCafe Volcano Cookies, page 153.

December 22*- Beth of Someone’s in the Kitchen with BrinaMy Favorite Pecan Pie, page 327.

December 29*– The Tea Lady of Tea and Scones–  Low and Luscious Chocolate Cheesecake, page 243.

*Due to the Holidays, you may post anytime the week of December 22 and December 29.

20 thoughts on “December Recipes

  1. As one of the folks who got to choose a recipe, I’m glad the reactions are so postive! And to the rest of this month’s recipe choosers, great job — I think we all came up with a nice variety of holiday recipes.

    • I thought about doing that again and decided against it. The recipes are in a good order for the month I think. You can post anytime you want the weeks of Dec 22 and 28 though.

  2. yay for two cookie recipes- great for Christmas gifts!! oh and I am so making the pear pie for Thanksgiving- I never know what to bring bc pecan, apple, and cranberry are always provided by my aunts and grandmother- this will be a very different addition! yay!

  3. As usual, I am freaking out with excitement! Can’t wait to try all of these!

    I’ve had my eye on that pear tart forever! And my husband will be delighted that I am making more cookies!



  4. sables… such a favorite, as you can modify these so easily. Such great choices for the holiday season! Off topic but Dorie-related, have any of you made the Caramel Pumpkin Pie? I’ve been eyeing that for a Turkey-day-dessert!

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