31 thoughts on “P&Q: Sablés

  1. I think these are one of my favorites – they are easy and so, so good. I’ve made them plain, lemon, lime, orange – but I haven’t tried adding chocolate yet.

    Alright, that settles it. Chocolate it is!

  2. I made the Spice variation. My dad told me they here “hands down” the best cookies I’ve made… Strange, for how simple they are to make, but I didn’t argue! Go figure…. I think any variation on these will be a hit!

      • Orange sables are my favorite. Forgot to mention that I rolled my dough logs in some cinnamon sugar mixture that I had used on Snickerdoodles, along with some turbinado (Sugar in the Raw). Actually, they tasted like a “spiced” Snickerdoodle! You’ll love the orange variation Laurie –

  3. Just wanted to say that I noticed that this week’s cookie requires egg yolks but next week’s cookie requires the whites- so hang onto those whites everyone!! so convenient!

  4. These became my family’s favorite cookies last Christmas. I have a bakesale and a sporting event this weekend that both had cookie signups, so I’ll be making a triple batch. Maybe I’ll try the flavored variations – thanks for the ideas!

  5. I just noticed that my Harris Teeter has Kerrygold Butter on sale this week. Sounds like this recipe is the perfect excuse to spend a little extra on the butter! Yum!

  6. One quick note on these cookies: 1) Be sure to use a silpat — these cookies are thin and delicate and they can stick to the cookie pan, especially if you don’t get them onto a rack right away.

  7. I made these with orange zest and ground pecans- so delicious!! I did have to reduce my baking time to about 10 minutes though- my first batch was very very dark brown, bordering on black!!

  8. I think I’ll try the spice variation…or lemon…or orange! Dang,they all sound so good!

    Also going to use raw sugar and so colored sugar! So fun and festive.

    I also think this would be a fun time to use flavored sugars.

  9. I did not do so well with these.

    I know exactly what I did wrong: I was so worried about overmixing them that I UNDERMIXED. I didn’t really realized it until I was forming the log and found bits of flour still in the dough. It was a little too late by that point, so I soldiered on.

    The dough was too crumbly, and even after being in the fridge, the log didn’t adhere, falling apart in places. I got a few decently formed sables off the log, but the rest I had to kind of smush together.

    On the other hand, they tasted great and that sandy texture you expect from sables was right on the money. So, I’m thinking that if I mix it right again, it will work out fine.

    I’m half unsure if I should post them, because my poor sables are a little embarrassed at how ugly they are. But at least I know how to make them pretty next time. Right?

  10. I made these cookies last night, and while they tasted great the bottoms and sides were a little too brown (and I only cooked them for 14 minutes). I don’t mind the toasted bottoms, but some of the sugar on the side took on an ugly burnt look. Anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the sugar on the sides from burning? I baked them on parchment paper using an insulated cookie sheet. Would Silpat work better, or a baking stone?


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