Holiday Card Exchange

Let the games begin! Names were drawn this morning. Please go to Elfster and see your match. Cards need to be mailed by December 15th at the latest! Also, if you have not added your mailing address, please do so. Only your match can see your address. It is not visible to the entire exchange.

Thanks everyone! So excited!

Bake on!



12 thoughts on “Holiday Card Exchange

    • I have the same issue. Im thinking Im going to email her directly. I did ask on this post that everyone add their address if they had not done so yet. But, I dont want to wait, Id rather have it so I can mail the card as soon as I make it.

  1. I wish I could find the blog of my match, so I’d know something about them. I can’t find it on the blog roll. I’ve asked him for the url, but it hasn’t been offered.
    Should I send a card anyways?

  2. Help! I emailed Sandi Brown for her address and I never heard back from her…does anyone know which blog belongs to her? Thanks..I want to send her card out asap!

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