P&Q: Cafe Volcano Cookies

I’m really interested to see how these turn out for everyone.

Go to it…


25 thoughts on “P&Q: Cafe Volcano Cookies

  1. I made these yesterday and I was really skeptical that they would be able to puff or turn into anything because they were just little piles of nuts. I shouldn’t doubt Dorie. They do in fact puff up and make little cookies.
    I used pecans and sliced almonds and subbed ground cinnamon for the espresso. Yummy.
    Probably the easiest TWD recipe ever.

  2. I made them right after the sables b/c I didn’t want my egg whites to pick up random flavors in my fridge. They are SO easy.

    But, here are a few tips…

    They are REALLY sweet. If you don’t like super-sweet, I would cut back on the sugar. Also, the espresso totally bakes out! You can’t really taste it in the final cookie, IMO. I would add more, if you like that flavor.

    Overall, they are pretty fun to eat. Dorie’s right – they kind of sizzle/pop/melt in your mouth. I used walnuts, pecans and almonds.

  3. I made these last week and, um- they did not look like the picture in the book. The egg white mixture seemed to drop from the nuts when I spooned onto the silpat—wonder if I cooked too long on the stove? Did anyone else have this experience? It seems too simple a recipe to mess up!

    • If I remember correctly, there wasn’t a picture of these. Maybe you’re looking at the cocoa meringues? These bake up to look like a sorta flat, kinda light beige cookie, with bubbles/holes around the nuts. Bumpy and craggy, I think are the words Dorie used!

      Mine didn’t separate from the nuts, but it spread just a little bit. Could you baking sheet have been too warm?

      • Ohhh–yes, I must have been looking at the cocoa meringues! Thanks!! That said, mine probably look like everyone else’s. Glad I went ahead and photographed them. Thanks so much! There defintiely is a sizzle/pop factor with these!

  4. These are a surprise hit, definitely! I absolutely loved them. Oh, but I made one change – I made a half recipe, and since espresso isn’t my fiance’s favorite flavor, we subbed in 2 Tbsp cocoa powder. Just the right amount of cocoa flavor.

  5. The recipe seemed so improbable, but mine baked up beautifully. They were shaped like little volcanos – kind of cone-shaped with cracks and crags. They end up with a strong toasted nut flavor. I thought they were addictively delicious. Also they’re gluten-free, so I was excited to give them to my celiac friend. I’m going to try the cocoa swap that Caitlin mentioned, also a maple sugar variety.

  6. I guess we were all making these last night! I think I must have baked mine too long because they were definitely very brown. I added 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, and it made the flavor muddy. I think I’ll try them again with either the cocoa or maple sugar…maybe a batch of each…they’re super easy!

  7. i’m not feeling inspired by these, but i’ll probably bake them, since i’m weeks behind in posting…i actually did make the last two, but no pics. ditto the cocoa-buttermilk bday cake from yesterday

  8. These were delicious, but not very pretty. They reminded me of a candy bar/blob I used to eat as a kid. :)
    Very easy to make and although I used the espresso variation, would increase the amount of espresso and perhaps add some cocoa as others suggested. A “surprise hit” indeed!

  9. I was skeptical of these when making them as well. However, I took them to work and everyone loved them! :) I did not let the nuts cool, just baked them and then threw them in the pan with everything else. I think it worked fine.

  10. I’m not going to lie– these weren’t my favorite. I think I just don’t like such hard cookies. They are, however, extremely easy to make, so definitely give them a try!

  11. I really do not care for meringue cookies, so I will be passing this week. I am busy making other baked goodies for my grandsons who will arrive next week. Yeah!

  12. I’m making these today.
    Just to confirm, I *don’t* whip the egg white in any way before adding them? Has anyone tried using less sugar? Will it still work out?

    • This is probably too late for you, but no whipping! I read it about 16 times before I finally took the plunge and baked as written. Mine puffed and were very meringue-y. Cool method, I thought, and so EASY!

  13. I was going to pass this week because we’ve got some nut allergies around here, but I’ve got them in the oven now and I’m waiting to see how they turn out. I added a little cinnamon as well as a little extra espresso powder. They were pretty tasty before they went into the oven (Yes, I licked the spoon. Doesn’t everybody?).

  14. I’m so excited reading everyone’s Ps and Qs! I chose this recipe simply because it sounded too easy to screw up, and so I’m thrilled to hear that it may be exactly that case.

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