Tricks, Tastes and Tools?

Still working on the title.  I realized that last week was supposed to be my post week.  Oops.  Apparently I’ve switched my Thursdays.  At this time of year, I see lots and lots of lists of things that people think you should have in your kitchen.  Mostly I just drool and have envy over many of the items.  And some I already own.  This week I’m going to show you one of the things I see on almost all the lists, and one that I happen to use all the time.

My electronic kitchen scale is a wonder.  I find myself pulling out of the cabinet on an almost daily basis.  It has changed the way I bake.  I’m a lousy scooper when it comes to flour.  I’m lazy.  Now I can weigh it and have a consistent measurement.*  It’s also great for portioning out dough or batter.  I’ll admit to being a tad crazy when it comes to evenness.  Now I have mechanical help.  I’ve even taught my kids to use it so that they can see that a serving size of cashews is about 10-12 nuts and not the enormous handful that they usually grab.

This is the lovely, clean, newer version of what I have.  I like it because it’s easy to read, it has a big platform that can hold plenty, and it stores well because it’s thin.  (This one is $50 at Sur La Table)

Salter® Glass Kitchen Scale

*As a general rule:

  • One cup flour = 4-3/8 ounces (126 grams)
  • One cup whole wheat flour = 4-1/4 ounces (120 grams)
  • One cup bread flour = 4-1/2 ounces (127 grams)
  • One cup cake flour = 4 ounces (114 grams)
  • How often do you use your scale?  Any uses that I missed?


    13 thoughts on “Tricks, Tastes and Tools?

    1. It is the most used item in my kitchen!! I measure everything by weight and use a Salter. It is the most accurate way of measuring. I was really bummed that Dorie didn’t include weights in the recipes in this book, but read somewhere that she DID want to include them and worked out all the measurements, but the publisher nixed it.

    2. I love my scale and would recommend it to anyone who really likes to bake. Measuring flour by weight is so much more accurate than any other way. Also you can do fun things like measuring out half an egg (25 grams). And if you buy eggs in a size other than Large, which I often do, you can measure them accurately.

      I have a Soehnle Vera. Just one thing I don’t like about it — the switch for going between lbs/oz and metric is on the bottom, which is inconvenient. If I were getting a new scale, I’d take a look at the My Weigh scales.

      I also have a little hand engraver and have engraved the weights on the bottom of my favorite metal measuring bowls and cups!

    3. I live in Germany, but love American cookies and cakes. For me it was very unusual to measure every ingredient by volume. It is easier now that a dear friend brought me a set of cup measures. But in Germany we are used to measure flour, sugar, butter, etc. by weight. And you will find grams in German cookbooks, not cups.

    4. I am German and a scientist I weigh everything, even liquids including Nutella. And I agree with Ute, no cups in German cookbooks. And in Europe all uses grams, even the Brits.

    5. I use my scale quite a bit. It’s actually a post office scale, small like the one pictured, but it works perfectly for the kitchen. I use it for so many things, especially if halving a recipe. I think it cost me $28 about 5 years ago and it runs on 9 volt batteries. Also has a plug, but have no clue where that is now LOL

    6. I use a scale every time I bake. And if I find a volume recipe I like, I convert it to weight next time I make it. I work in the industry and it’s much more efficient to scale everything.

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