P&Q: My Favorite Pecan Pie

I am going to post the next several P&Qs now. (I will be out of town for the holidays!)

This pie is AH-mazing. Its now MY favorite pecan pie too!

Go to it…


16 thoughts on “P&Q: My Favorite Pecan Pie

  1. Can’t wait to see how everyone does with this one! I made it yesterday while snowed it :-)

    I will say, though, that the filling was ALMOST a little too much for the crust when first poured, so pour carefully and slowly, just to be sure.


  2. Don’t miss this one! It is amazing! I had to make it a second time to photograph because the first one was demolished at Thanksgiving dinner.

    Seriously, make it even if you have to use premade pie crust (which I, gulp, did for the second go round).

  3. okay, this was TOTALLY devoured at our potluck today. I was lucky to snag a small slice to try it!!

    Going to make it again for Christmas dinner.

  4. My first pecan pie! Made it Sunday night. It was so easy to put together, and it’s amazing how much the flavorings toned down the usual cloying sugariness of pecan pie.

    Did anyone else have trouble with the baking time? It took quite a bit longer for mine to set than recommended, and I was using a glass pan!

    • I had a bit of a problem with this too. I thought the pie was finished baking, it wasn’t until I cut into it that I realized it was still runny inside. For some reason I was able to put it back into the oven (2 hours after it had been removed) and finish baking it. Just remember to cover the edges again with foil.

      This pie was amazing! :)

  5. We had this for Thanksgiving…soooo good. The only thing I would have done differently is chop the chocolate finely (texture preference). I used Lyle’s golden syrup instead of corn syrup and I did have to bake it longer than specified.

  6. I had the same trouble with it being runny, even after baking an additional 10 minutes. Thought it was done, till we cut into it. It did set up some in the fridge. Still good, just not pretty. :)

  7. I made it 3 times in November and never once had a problem with it setting. Now, my oven does run hot. So maybe that made a major difference. I loved, loved, loved this pie. Im going to make one again tonight to take to my family tomorrow.

  8. Ok, you’ve all convinced me! My hubby loves Pecan Pie. I have been in a “I want to make what I want for the holidays” mood but this sounds too good to pass up! Going shopping tonight.

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