Happy New Year!

Well, well, well… 2 years ago today, I posted this on my blog….

“2008 January 1
by L W

After receiving Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan for Christmas, I thought I would try and make a recipe a week till Im through the book. Yes, I know, there are over 300 recipes. It will take me 5 years or more. ha! Nothing like setting a goal for myself, right? (I am horrible at follow through. AWFUL! Who knows how long this will last. Anyone wanna join me, keep me going in this task?? Id welcome a buddy!)

So, for this edition of “Tuesdays with Dorie”, I made Brown Sugar-Pecan Shortbread Cookies. They tasted fantastic. Very buttery, the pecans added a very pecan sandy taste. But they looked so poor. I mean bad, bad, bad looking cookies. NOTHING like the perfect cute little picture in the book. I didnt even bother to take a picture because they just were not at all photogenic cookies. (I dont think you would be able to tell they WERE cookies!) I think I will give them another try, maybe it was the temperature. Maybe they cooled off too much while I was cutting them. They spread WAY out. Did not stay in the cute squares they were supposed to.

I have my eye on many, many recipes from this book. Its more like a bible of baking. Im excited to try something else, and hopefully it will go a little better. Till next week… :)”

I had no idea how that bright idea would take off in such a big, big way. The past 2 years have been an absolute delight. I have loved reading all of your blogs and getting to know many of you in a personal way. I would also like to apologize for often dropping the ball in adding new members and being slow on the email replies. This hobby sometimes feels like a full time job! I vow to do better this year with communication and blog upkeep.

As we head into another year of Tuesdays with Dorie, I hope you will all stick with me. We have many recipes to go. I look forward to each and every one of them and reading about every success and failure.

Special thanks to Dorie herself. She has been ever so supportive of this ‘fan club’. I appreciate each and every comment she makes on here and on our personal blogs. She has kindly replied to every single email I have ever set to her, and quickly!  Dorie is quick on the email. ;) Thank you, thank you, thank you. BFMHTY has impacted my life in such an extreme way. I wouldn’t be the baker I am now without it.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year!

Much love. Bake on!


22 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Laurie, you have changed my life along with yours! I can’t believe the baking knowledge and confidence I’ve gained! Thanks for everything, looking forward to another year (or three!!)

  2. I remember getting my copy of BFMHTY and drooling over all of the pictures, aching for a reason to bake anything. And then I found out about TWD. So, I started a blog and the rest is history! Thanks for letting me be a part of something so delicious!! What a great group of friends and bakers. Happy New Year!

  3. Love and Happy New Year to you, Laurie, and to all the TWD bakers — what a group!

    I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined that Baking From My Home to Yours would bring you all together in this way and that it would give me the chance to get to know so many people who share my love of baking.

    Thank you, Laurie, for your imagination, warmth, generosity and hard, hard work and for inviting me to be part of TWD. And thank you all for being so committed, enthusiastic and passionate about baking.

    I hope this will be a great year for all of you. Here’s hoping for a year of health and happiness and peace and success and sweetness — lots of it!


  4. Laurie, without TWD, I wouldn’t be the baker I am today. Dorie’s book has pushed me to try things I never would have before, and my fellow bakers have inspired me to conquer my fear of yeast. Because of your requirement that we have a blog to participate, I accidentally discovered a way to indulge my loves of baking and writing (long ignored) all at the same time. What you have done in bringing us together is greater than you could ever know.

  5. Happy New Year Laurie! I have only been with the group since September, but have so enjoyed every week since joining! Looking forward to this next year with you and all the other wonderful friends I have made. Keep up the great work!

  6. Happy New Year! I am so thankful for your blog…so much fun baking with everyone!!! Of course, I love the addition to my cookbook collection!!!

  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this group. It has challenged me as a baker (in a good way), made me try things that I wouldn’t have thought I would ever bake, let alone enjoy eating, and I’ve made some new friends. A WIN WIN WIN all the way around!

    THANK YOU for starting this group!

  8. Thank-you Laurie, TWD was one of two reasons I started blogging. I have since discovered many more but you helped me get started.

    Question: Is anybody hosting this week. Maybe you? Where do we direct our readers for the recipe? Did I miss this somehow?

  9. Laurie,

    You have been so inspiring to me and thanks. My love of baking, creating and styling photos and kitchen organization have all improved thanks to you. Keep baking. Lauren from a Baking Blog, (formerly from Upper East Side Chronicles)

  10. I really appreciate all of your efforts to form and maintain this group. While I am often overwhelmed with life and do not always post the results of my baking, I do bake with the group on a regular basis and love being part of Tuesdays With Dorie and benefitting from the wisdom of the group. Thanks so much for all you do!!!!!

  11. Hey Laurie,
    Question for you…I took part in the Holiday Card Exchange this year but did not receive anything from whomever drew my name (grove777). I did receive some communication from the individual at one point saying that she was sending something from Canada, but nothing was every received. I was hoping you could contact that person and make sure it wasn’t lost in the mail or something.
    Please let me know. Grove777 at gmail dot com
    Thank you,

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