Semi-Annual Maintenance

I am cleaning up around here, adding members, removing members, general maintenance. (Don’t worry, no one who has participated in the past 6 months will be removed. If you haven’t participated in that long, you aren’t really a member, are you?!?)

Does anyone have changes I may have missed, members who may have fallen through the cracks, or blogs that have changed their names?

Speak now or forever hold your peace. :P

Bake on!


71 thoughts on “Semi-Annual Maintenance

    • ldh- Im not sure what to do with the rotation at this point, bc we have way more members than it will take to get through the book. Im still thinking that part out. Ill get back to you about it.

  1. I got the email that I’m in the club in November, but I’ve been dying to see my name on the list of baker’s…it will just feel a little more official – and let’s face it, I’ll feel more important if it’s there haha!

  2. my blog Sophia’s Sweets ( isn’t on the list of blogs on the side of the page (it is on the bigger page) thanks!

  3. Hey Laurie,

    I have been a terrible TWD-baker lately, however I’m trying to get my act together…. So please don’t remove me from the blogroll!! Thanks!


  4. Hi Laurie, Thanks for all of your hard work and commitment to TWD. I was going to write you today and say that I am just catching up after the holidays and have not posted in several weeks. I appreciate not be dropped. In checking the roster, I see that I am now listed twice. I will be traveling for two weeks, so may not be to stay on track. See you later this month. I really enjoy participating. lola

  5. Thank you for keeping me on the blogroll even though I haven’t participated in several months :X I am working at Target temporarily so you can imagine the hell I’ve been through with the holidays haha

  6. Hi Laurie,
    I’m still here and aiming to “re-participate” ( new word). I’ve just been a little overwhelmed with my life lately. Thank you for dusty off the books for me.

  7. EEK! I’m back in starting the 19th (12th if I can swing it!). Have mercy on this long lost baker/blogger!

    tangerine-tart Rachel

    • Rachelle- Hope you decide to jump back in, but if you dont, please let me know so I can remove you. I will be doing spring cleaning of the blogroll at the end of February.

  8. I wanted to see if you could add me back in. I know I haven’t participated much since I’ve joined but I’d love to get back into it. The Chocolate Oatmeal Almost-Candy Bars sounds amazing! Thanks!

  9. I posted a note a few weeks ago saying that I had not been added to the list. I didn’t get a response yet about being added and I see that bunches of people did. I have been baking away since October…would love to see my blog posted to the list of members!

    Thanks so much, Meg :)

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