P&Q: Mrs. Vogel’s Scherben

I am just going to say it, I am concerned about this one. I am not sure why. I have fried things. Many things. I like fried stuff a lot. Probably too much. It makes no sense, but I am concerned.

Discuss… ;)

43 thoughts on “P&Q: Mrs. Vogel’s Scherben

  1. we have a deep fryer and use it occasionally and every time we do, I swear the recipe doesn’t turn out. Something always goes wrong. I’m a little nervous about these!

    • Update! Baked at 400* for 12 minutes, or until golden brown. They puffed up and got crispy quite nicely. Don’t eat them by themselves, because they’re BLAND. Tossed them into a bowl of powdered sugar, put a lid on it and shook – voila! They were quite good, even sans frying :)

      • Oh! And make sure to toss them while still warm, but wait until they cool to eat them. When warm, they taste a little tough. They’re nice and crispy when cool.

      • I baked them like this (forgot the oil) but dusted cinnamon/sugar on top before I baked them. Then, when they cooled, I topped with powdered sugar- really good and no frying needed!

      • I hope Mrs. Vogel isn’t turning in her grave, but I baked mine as well. These came out (pardon the extra “o”s) soooooo good. And no mess, no oil odor. I even forgot to brush mine with oil – just tossed the pieces in a bowl of cinnamon sugar and on the baking sheet they went. Cooled and tossed with powdered sugar. Caitlin – thanks for the idea!

      • Thanks for the update Caitlin, now I am considering making these and not doing the rewind!! However, I can’t make any promisses… I wanted to do sooo much this week but am still so tired…. :(

  2. me too + infinity. And even though I have heard a zillion times that properly done deep-fried food really isn’t all that fatty, something about preparing four inches of oil just sounds like Not A Good Idea.

  3. Last time I deep fried I put too many fries in the pot and it completely bubbled over, all over the stove. It didn’t start a fire, but it certainly freaked my friend out. (I was cooking at her place). She found an oil slick on her kitchen floor the next morning, where the oil had leaked through the innards of the stove.

    I’m making these at my own place, so I really don’t want that to happen! Plus, I live in a small place, and I don’t want my entire apartment and wardrobe to smell deep-fried!

  4. I took these to a New Year’s party and they were a hit!! Taco Bueno fans thought they tasted like their cinnamon chips.

    I didn’t use 4 inches of oil–probably more like 2-3. Used a vintage deep electric skillet (It’s gold so that should give you a clue how old it is.)

    Be advised there are TWO chilling periods. You need to give yourself plenty of time–although the freezer will speed things up if necessary.

  5. I made some swedish rosettes over the holidays (these sound similar)? The frying was so quick, it didn’t feel like “deep” frying – just quick. And the only bad part was the little bit of “scented vegetable oil” left in my kitchen for a day or so afterward.

  6. I decided to just go ahead and fry them! I used a tall narrow pot so it didn’t take too much oil and no splattering. The dough was super easy to make and work with too. Taste was a bit underwhelming, though:( It’s fried dough.

  7. Sounds like a funnel cake or elephant ear. Fried dough with powdered sugar. I think I might play around and do half in the oven and the other half in my deep fryer. Just to do a side by side. Think i’ll do some with cinnamon sugar too.

  8. So, I made the dough for these and found that I had to add extra flour and I still think it was way too wet of a dough. I added only 3T of the water and managed to get 1/4 cup of flour added as well. Anyone have the same problem? Should I worry?

    • I used 3 T of water and yes, found the dough far too sticky to work with. however, I didn’t measure how much flour I added, I just sprinkled some in, worked it, and sprinkled some more in. That was yesterday. I haven’t rolled it out yet, hoped to do that today, so we’ll see!

      • I thought my dough was extremely sticky, but it was easy to roll out after a couple hours in the refrigerator – my rolling surface was very well-floured. I’m off to deep-fry now!

  9. These were easy and straightforward cookies, and I had no issues with stickiness. The hardest part was waiting while the dough chilled. They also didn’t last very long.

  10. Im gonna have to pass on these…I thought abot baking them and all but Im not gonna lie to ya..If Im going to eat something fattening I want a cookie or brownie..I can just see myself snacking on these little fired worms and eating entirely to many..Im pretty sure I would.

  11. To Mike, Mrs. Vogel is not turning in her grave. She is alive and well! As her grandson, I can tell you this with absolute authority! It is a terrific recipe (as anything fried is)! I grew up on these!

    • Peter – I’m sorry if I assumed otherwise! I obviously didn’t read the recipe intro well enough! That’s great – I hope she’s able to see all the TWD scherbens out there!

  12. I made mini donuts instead, sort of a compromise between the scherben which is deep fried and a different deep fried snack, since i’d been meaning to try them. sorry dorie!

  13. Do I get it right by understanding that in the US no-one owns a deep-fryer? I live in the Netherlands and I just make the dough and stick it in my fryer take it out and eat.

    We eat fried food at leat once a week.No hassle,no fires,little cleaning, and no smelly kitchen? I just don’t understand that people make so much fuss about it….

    • I have a deep fryer, I just don’t use it that much. It’s one of those things that are a pain to clean, and these cookies didn’t really seem to justify pulling it out, I just used a small saucepan. I didn’t want to use as much oil as a deep fryer requires just to make these :)

  14. But isn’t a deep-fryer the same everywhere?

    We have this electric thing that just keeps the oil in it.We use it like 10 times and then just pour the oil out.Run hot water through it and pour new oil.It’s 10 minutes work.It even goes trough the dishwasher……so if I’m really lazy it’s not even 5 minutes…..

    We use this fluid-fat stuff, it does not harden like shortening….

    For me these cookies were just a matter of take fryer out of cupboard,heat it,bake,let it cool off,place back in cupboard.

    Even better ;) I took my time and cleaned it and changed the oil before I put it away.Within an hour I had cookies and a clean fryer :D

    • I’m sure there are several different kinds of deep fryers, mine is not the kind that you can keep the oil in it. You remove the oil each time, strain it, let it cool, then funnel it into a container. Can be reused several times. However, I still have to clean all the parts of the fryer each time, and it’s usually not cooled off enough when dinner is done, so I end up having to come back to the kitchen later to finish up. :-p

  15. We just totally and simply took a pass on this recipe. We don’t eat lots of fried things anymore and filling my body with these just really didn’t make much sense. I do know they are very tasty though… There was a time in my younger days when I made these quite often, That is probably why I can’t have them now!

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