P&Q: Cocoa-Nana Bread

Chocolate and bananas, a winning combo don’t ya think?

have at it…

60 thoughts on “P&Q: Cocoa-Nana Bread

    • Yeah, I definitely don’t taste the banana in every bite. You’d want something in there I’d think for the consistency, but another mashed fruit should do the trick.

  1. I found the bananas distracted from the amazing chocolate flavor, but someone at work declared it the best dessert he has ever eaten, so I guess this combo has its fans. I think pumpkin (canned?) might fade into the background.

  2. Loved this one! Can’t wait to take it into work with me tomorrow and see what my colleagues think!

    I baked mine for 75 minutes and it was still a little bit moist inside: perfect!

  3. Delicious! One person declared these “better than brownies” and multiple people couldn’t taste the bananas…

    …I could though, so if you don’t like them then I wouldn’t risk it ;) Applesauce sounds like a great sub to me.

  4. Folks, I think subbing is okay, but the bananas play a part in keeping the bread moist. So, if you leave the bananas out, be prepared that your bread may be drier than if you added them.

  5. I made this several weeks ago, as written, except that I lamely put it in the wrong sized pan… knowing I shouldn’t… and let it overflow onto my baking sheet. It was yummy, but surprisingly for me, it wasn’t really my thing (and usually a chocolate banana combo would be right up my alley). I blame it on pregnant tastebuds. I agree with LW, if you leave the banana out, it is going to be dry. I’m interested to see how the sour cream / yogurt sub idea works out. Maybe I would like that better right now? I don’t know.

  6. I’ve already made this, and I am pretty comfortable recommending leaving the bananas in. It didn’t really taste like bananas to me; it actually tasted very chocolatey. I think the bananas really helped to keep it moist. (Because of the mixing method, it’s less like banana bread in texture and more like pound cake.)

    I liked it alot actually. We ate it with cherry jam – yum. I was actually thinking the leftovers would have been great spread with jam and turned into a trifle. If there had been any leftovers…

  7. PS – I would bake it like for no more than 40 min during the second baking (65-70 min total). It could dry out easily, so pull it when there are a few moist (ugh, hate that word) crumbs on the testing knife.

  8. I made this on Sunday.

    I was really confused by it all. I still can’t decide if I liked it or not.

    Others are right the texture is more like a pound cake. I loved the chocolate flavor and the chocolate chunks. The banana hits you at the end and was very subtle.

    I think I’d rather have banana bread or chocolate pound cake. …just not sure about combining in this form. BUT I will say I did LOVE Dorie’s Black and White Banana Loaf…maybe because it was marbled?

    I can’t wait to see how others who used yogurt, etc. turned out!

  9. I have constant problems with converting cups into grams and liters. Up to now, I always managed to get by. But today I poured 0,25l buttermilk in the batter. What I would have needed was… 0.09l.

    I was already wondering. When I poured in the buttermilk (“should I REALLY use so much?”). And why the bread didn’t get firm in the middle (“but I am already baking for almost an hour after covering the bread with foil!”)…
    Clumsy me. Should have paid more attention to math at school.

    But besides it’s very humid in the middle, it tastes wonderful if you go for a lot of chocolate with a slight flavour of banana!

    • LOL Alvarosa – I added too much milk too, by accident. I just added more flour to make up for it (because I knew I did it), and was scared I’d end up with a leaden product – but no, it was still good!

      • I should start to trust my intuition – when I got the feeling this is way too much liquid, I should FIRST check again, and then start to bake…

  10. I felt that the banana was kind of an afterthought. But then again, I made 1/4 the recipe, so I even then probably put too much banana in there. I don’t know…they were tasty nonetheless!

  11. I want to make this, I really do… but now that I left the bananas on the counter to get black, I just want to throw them in the trash. Blackened bananas are possibly the homeliest ingredient. Maybe I should make it with my eyes closed.

  12. I made this earlier in the month and was disappointed that the banana flavor didn’t really come through-I made two mini loaves, ate one and stuck the other in the freezer. The banana flavor was much more pronounced in the loaf that I froze.

  13. My advice, for those of you that are irked by the chocolate/banana combo: make the recipe as is. The banana is a background taste and not strong enough to make your taste buds shudder. Those that LOVE the chocolate/banana combo: add an extra half of a ripened banana to the mix.

    BUT something tells me that the longer it sits, the more the flavor MIGHT come out. This theory is not tested yet ;)

  14. just tasted the bread still warm from the oven and I was surprised at how banana-y it was! after reading all of the comments i was expecting a more chocolate-y flavor. i did use HUGE bananas though so maybe that’s why…

  15. I made this earlier today. I shamefully forgot to buy more chocolate chips yesterday at the store (we are out, and we are never out!) so I left that out. I can see how having more chocolate in it would make the banana flavor less prominent. My pan is a little dark so mine got a tiny bit crusty on the edges, but the rest looks fairly moist so I hope it tastes good too (I’ve only had a crusty edge so far)! Next time I’ll probably add another half of a banana since I love the flavor combo and wouldn’t mind more of it! Easy recipe, even with two kids chasing me around.

  16. From Sweet and Savory who can’t get her URL to show up.

    I just baked it, yes, after midnight….I forgot about the banana when I tasted it and did not realize I was eating chocolate/banana until I started reading the comments. If the banana does anything, it is not give it banana taste. I hesitate to say this but even if you don’t like banana, you could use it and very likely not know it.

    I loved it although even with two cookie sheets under it, the bottom got just slightly more cooked than it should have. Otherwise, it is a chocolatey bread that needs no enhancements.


  17. The flavor was really good, but a bit dry. Wish I would have taken it out at the shorten end of the baking time. I think when I inserted my toothpick, I hit some melted chocolate, tricking me into thinking the bread wasn’t done :-p Still delish though.

  18. I am super excited for this one! Hubs LOVES banana bread and I love chocolate…should be a good one. On my way to make it now. I am thinking about mini loaf pans so I can share with work. :o)

  19. Just made this tonight…not sure about this one. I thought the flavors were quite weird, but hubs liked it. Mine was such a strong flavor of chocolate and then ya got hit with banana. Maybe I will try a piece in the morning and see if it grows on me!

  20. I’m sorry I didn’t have a chance to bake this week! I was busy making black bottom brownies and no-knead bread. I really enjoyed reading the debate about bananas vs. pumpkin vs. sour cream. I think chocolate and banana sounds great and I hope to have a chance to make this soon.

  21. Made. I’m with Becky O.–not sure what I think. I generally like bananas and chocolate together so that ain’t it; for some reason this bread just isn’t giving me the sexy.

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