P&Q: Milk Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes

There has been much talk about these little cakes already.

Please continue…

35 thoughts on “P&Q: Milk Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes

  1. I made mine in mini brioche tins, but baked them 18 minutes & that was too long. Mine were a little dry. I used 60% chocolate since we’re not fans of milk chocolate.

  2. i do love a bundt, though not a mini-bundt. in general, i’m suspicious of recipes like this that imply that there’s a real difference in the recipe type just because a different pan is used (madeleines and a few others exempted)…mini bundts just seem gimmicky, but if the cake is good i have no complaints.

  3. I made the cake and will do the glaze tonight after dinner. I used Caramel Bits in place of the nuts for the swirl. Apparently I didn’t grease my pan enough, because only 1 came out properly, I’ve been nibbling on the parts left in the pan and OMG good! I can’t wait to try it with the glaze.

  4. This is one of the best desserts I’ve had yet out of this cookbook (only been cooking since August though). I would think cupcakes would be great. I used a mini bundt pan but the bundts are the size of cupcakes. For people with sticking issues, I used the oil spray that has flour in it already–(think one brand is Baker’s Secret but I used the Crisco brand) and had no trouble at all. Just an idea….

    Question: Anybody have trouble with the glaze? Mine didn’t work at all.

  5. I am excited about this one! After last week, I need my chocolate fix. :) I do have mini bundt pans, but was thinking of doing cupcakes. Maybe make the glaze a little thicker to be a frosting? Should be a good one no matter what!

  6. I made these a few months ago – and used a “Texas” size jumbo muffin pan. It worked out just fine.

    These are simple and delicious – but the glaze is another story. Maybe it was just me, but I ended up with something that didn’t resemble glaze at all. I threw it away and used regular chocolate frosting instead!

  7. I used silicone mini-brioche tins, and the batter was enough for 12 pieces!
    For the nuts I used and took a little less, because I added some finely chopped dried figs. (Milk) chocolate and figs match just perfectly!
    My glaze was rather not liquid enough, but ok. I just had to put a big, heavily loaded spoon of chocolate on top, and then spread it, so that it trickles down. Maybe a bit more corn syrup would have helped.
    These cakes were one of the best things I made up to now from this book, I really loved it and everybody else who tried them, too!

  8. The glaze was a big flop with me and I made it twice just to be sure.

    I would make ganache to go on top if I made these again and I would also use bittersweet chocolate. Even my mom (who always complains things are too chocolately) said these didn’t taste much like chocolate.

    These reminded me of a coffee cake. Am I the only one?

  9. I made 8 cakes in 4 ounce ramekins. They’re not bad, but I wish I had used bittersweet chocolate, cause I don’t find there’s much chocolate flavour. And like Anne’s mum, I don’t like things too chocolaty!
    I went with a caramel glaze instead of chocolate.

  10. All this talk about the glaze has me worried–I might just do a peanut butter glaze instead. I’m such a sucker for chocolate and PB!

  11. I skipped the glaze and used bittersweet chocolate – mine slid right out of the pan, but mine is nonstick so that might have something to do with it. We’ll see how they taste later on…

  12. This treat is yummy! I only had enough batter for 4 mini bundts. I have a Pampered Chef Stoneware Mini bundt pan. I guess they are bigger than Dorrie’s. I used plenty of Pam, they slid right out. I drizzled mine with ganache but I like the peanut butter idea. This was a fun treat, I like milk chocolate and walnuts so it was delish!

  13. I replaced the nuts in the swirl with more milk chocolate. Highly recommended! The cake was definitely chocolately enough for this dark chocolate lover.

    The glaze didn’t work for me either. Something must be wrong with the recipe, because it’s not like we’re all screwing up melted chocolate + corn syrup. I stirred in a bunch of milk until it smoothed out again. More milk chocolate!

  14. I folks, I couldn’t find the mini bundt pan anywhere. I found the mini-mini pan with 12 wells but not one with just 6 wells. So I used my jumbo muffin pan (6 wells) and the mini cakes cake came out just fine. I baked them for 20 minutes, but I think 19 minutes would have been better.

    Like everyone else my glaze was also a flop. The chocolate melted fine, but when I added the corn syrup the chocolate seized and became a hard gritty ball. I tried reheating it, but it didn’t help. Has anyone asked Dorie about the glaze problem?

    PS: the muffins tasted wonderful. Yummy.

  15. I used my bundt cupcake pan from Nordic Ware. It has 12 wells and it took all of the batter just fine. After reading about the glaze here…I only added half the amount of corn syrup and it was perfectly fine.

  16. Last August, I suggested to my son that a perfect birthday gift would be a mini-bundt cake pan. He searched high and low and was about to give up, but his girlfriend encouraged him to persevere and they finally found a Wilton version that had 12 molds in the pan. I made the recipe using this pan and it made 12 beautiful little bundt cakes. I did have to cut the baking time down to 17 minutes, though. I also found the glaze less than perfect so next time I would use Dorie’s ganache for Walnut Tea Cakes (that recipe isn’t in the book but was published in the AARP magazine a couple of years ago.) http://food.aarpmagazine.org/recipes/aarp/chocolate-glazed-teacakes

  17. I made these in a mini heart pan from Wilton. There was enough better for 4 hearts rather than the 6 in the pan. I also had trouble with the glaze. It seized up when I added the corn syrup. I added warm heavy cream until it smoothed out. Thought these were delicious with the walnuts and milk chocolate.

  18. I’m so so so sorry! I wrote the post on Monday night. I even accidentally posted it. Then I deleted it and scheduled it to post Tuesday at 8am. Then Tuesday morning I flew to Curacao and had no internet at all until tonight. I just saw that it didn’t post. Frickin Blogger! I just posted my review and not so pretty pictures. I am so sorry everyone!

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