P&Q: Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia

You can never go wrong with brownies.

Bake on!

51 thoughts on “P&Q: Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia

  1. I love these very chocolatey. First batch I underbaked….ah shucks! Just popped those fudgy things in the freezer. OMGoodness. I may have just discovered my favorite new way to eat oooey gooooooey brownies. These were baked a second time (in one day :-) ) They are wonderful even baked a weeee bit longer. Don’t skip out on this one folks! You’ll live to regret it!!! Just make sure you make it to the gym. I’m wearing mine. hehe

  2. Mine fell in the middle – is that how they are supposed to look? I haven’t tried them yet, but imagine they are rather fudgy or gooey.. .which isn’t a bad thing…

  3. Mine fell in the middle too and I had to bake them for at least 10 extra minutes. They were still so gooey and wet, that I refrigerated them overnight.
    I couldn’t eat them- too gooey.
    But, the people at my hubby’s work loved them.

  4. Betsy,
    Love your name btw, I followed Dorie’s lead…. which didn’t say. I read it over and over again. Thought I was missing it. Anyway, I even baked in a Pyrex, as she suggested. I never bake in Pyrex, except pies. hehe Didn’t grease or PAM either and yes they were difficult to get out a tiny bit. So, what ever you think. I think I would try it next time I bake them. I thought the first time it was just cuz they were so underbaked and gooey. The second baking I followed her instructions and they were a little tricky to get out. Enjoy

  5. I sprayed the pan with PAM and they came out find. Also I used a 9×13 pan instead of the 9×9 because my go to brownie recipes is almost exactly the same as this one and I use the bigger pan for it. The brownies didn’t sink in the center with the larger pan.

  6. Was expecting these to come out worse than they did, but they were actually okay. Definitely a little soft and gooey, and they were hard to cut neatly. (Don’t even bother before they completely cool – I scooped one out warm with a spoon.) The taste was pretty magnificent, though. VERY chocolate-y

  7. mine were overbaked (a recurring theme, the semester must be well underway) thus a little dry, but much appreciated by friends and boyfriend, who usually have to suffer through more exotic fare.

  8. I didn’t grease the pan and they were fine. Although, at 28 minutes they were still soupy in the middle. So I checked again 10 minutes later, very battery, then ANOTHER 10 or 15 and they were a little burned on the sides and the top had cracks, but finally not raw in the middle. They weren’t too gooey because obviously I over baked them, but still good. Maybe what I thought was undercooked was just the extra gooey? Oh well, still delicious!

  9. Ok maybe I’m just not reading it right, but I’m confused about the eggs. Her directions say stir in the eggs. Then later it says stir in remaining eggs. I know in her description it says half the eggs does this and half the eggs does that, but wouldn’t it say so in the instructions too??

    • I had to reread the directions too, but if you read her introduction notes to the recipe I think it will be clearer. Basically, you are whisking the eggs and sugar all together. Then adding half of that to the chocolate mixture. You beat the other half of the egg mixture till light and doubled in volume and fold it in later. Hope that helps!

  10. I reduced the butter by 1 tablespoon for a half batch, mostly just because I already had the right amount leftover from something else, and the brownies have the perfect texture for me – rich but not gooey. I baked them for about the same time Dorie recommends for a full recipe.

  11. WOW! These are good! I did mine in an 8×8 and ended up having to bake it for about 45 minutes total. I let them cool then put them in the fridge for an hour or so and then cut them (I used parchment so I could remove the whole thing to cut, worked great). They were still gooey in the middles and flaky on top. SOO good! I even messed up the steps of the recipe (whipped all the egg mixture into the chocolate, forgot to set some aside to whip and fold in). I think these may replace my #1 recipe. Maybe next time I’ll use a 9×13 pan so I can get more/thinner pieces. ???

  12. Reading your posts, it is interesting to see if I fit in, with problems and success. I love these. They are gooey and I love gooey.

    I did spray after searching the recipe and had trouble getting the brownies out.

    I added about seven minutes to the time but the middle still was sunken and looked wet.

    I think I should have put it in the fridge. Had a hard time cutting because they kept sticking. I have no idea why this happened.

    The taste reminds me of something else but I can’t figure out what it is.

    I consider it a success because it tastes delicious.


  13. I actually made these last week. I discovered I only had an 8×8 Pyrex, so I used that, but I also put some batter in a ramekin and baked it along side the pan. I took them both out at the same time.

    The ramekin was PHENOMENAL. I ate it warm with some vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce and OH MY GOD. It was like one of those Warm Delights you put in the microwave. Mmmmmm!

    As for the pan of brownies, mine were still pretty soupy in the middle. So I put them back in the oven for another 15 minutes. That improved them, but I think I would do all ramekins next time or maybe a 9×13.

  14. I messed up the recipe, by using the 9 oz of bittersweet chocolate that from the p90 brownie recipe, but everything else, and the directions from RKatz p91. Oops! The quantities of most of the ingredients are the same, though, luckily, and I ended up with a really good brownie.

    I baked them in a true 9×9 metal pan and a small loaf pan (equivalent to a 9×13 pan). They baked perfectly in 28 minutes – the center was baked and the edges were nice and chewy, not overbaked at all. I checked done-ness with the King Artur “divot test”: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/blog/2009/02/12/serious-brownie-points/ Ever since I started using that test, my brownies come out great every time.

    I’d recommend a 9×13 metal pan if you have one. I like chewy and fudgy; to me gooey and underbaked are not the same thing.

  15. I made these last night. They came out tasting so good. I did something no one else probably did. I made the ingredients on page 91 and accidently followed the directions on pg.90. So yea the tinfoil method works well with these brownies..Im a little embarassed but you know what I had a ton of distractions going on in my kitchen..it’s not a surprise to me!!

      • I hear ya..my focus was lost with everyone being crazy in my kitchen..teens and their friends..husband talking to me..the phone ringing..ahhh get the picture!! Im glad I got the ingred. right..the directions were fine because the came out really good!

  16. Wow–these are excellent!! Really, really delicious–just made them tonight. Not getting over how good! Turned out perfect–not gooey at all–I baked mine in a 7×12 pyrex and added a bit more flour than the recipe called for. Will definitely be baking these again.

  17. I’m excited about making these tonight-I think I’ll make them in a 13×9 pan, because my 9×9 pan isn’t completely true to size. Don’t want to take any chances!

  18. About halfway through mixing ingredients, I realized I was looking at the Bittersweet Brownies on the opposite page. Oops, but honest to goodness, they were fabulous! Guess I’ll have to make Brownies for Julia when someone picks the Bittersweet.

  19. I was skeptical about these brownies after reading about all the gooey issues and especially since I like cakey brownies, but these were awesome!

    For anyone waiting until the last minute, I made a half recipe and baked in a 9×9 metal plan (thanks to tips from Nancy and Di). My brownies were perfect in about 19-20 minutes. Fudgy, but not at all gooey or underbaked. They are a bit thin but when they taste this good, who cares? :)

    • Me too, me too, Prudy and Michelle! I kept getting mixed up between the two recipes; ended up using the ingredients, especially the quantity of chocolate, from the recipe on p 90 but the directions from p 91, so I’m the opposite of Michelle. Yummy nonetheless.

  20. At the beginning of the chapter on brownies (p.87) Dorie mentions lining the tin with foil and then buttering it. I assume she intends us to do the same with these ones.
    The timing was slightly off. At 28 mins they were pretty soupy. I did leave in for about 15 mins longer. They got quite crispy on top. Have put them in fridge to cool off as some of you have already mentioned. Will check them in about an hour and see what they are like.

  21. I made these a couple of weeks ago and found them to be a step above and beyond ordinary brownies. They are very fudgy with wonderfully chocolate-y flavor. I’m glad Dorie wrote that they would still be gooey when they are “done”–otherwise I would have overbaked them.

  22. Boy, did she mean gooey!!! I loooooove them – we warmed them up and put scoops of ice cream on top…divine! A little hard to scoop out, so my pic didn’t turn out so hot, but who cares what something that delicious looks like?! Not me :)

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