P&Q: My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are hands down my favorite chocolate chip cookies. I love them! I have made them more times than I can count and probably do not have one picture to show for them.

Go to it folks…

41 thoughts on “P&Q: My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Agreed – these were voted “best chocolate chip cookie” at the office. Of course, I multi-tasked with the Milk Chocolate Mini-Bundts and accidentally poured the “swirl” mixture (ground peanuts, cooca, sugar) into the My Best Cookie dough. Very happy accident – they turned out quite delicious.

  2. I was making these with my 3 year old granddaughter. We added white chocolate, milk and semi sweet chocolate, coconut. Looking good. After they were all mixed I realized we only added 1 stick of butter! Too late, I baked them anyway. They were more ‘cakey’ but still delicious. They stayed soft and all were eaten. I guess by mistake I discovered a ‘lower fat’ version of this cookie!

  3. I made these yesterday, and brought them to work this morning – I used white whole wheat flour for half of the all purpose, and everyone commented on how great they were. Personally, they are too thin for my taste, but that’s just me. I prefer chocolate chip cookies much thicker.

    I can see I’m in the minority here, as the entire container is empty (and it’s only 10:30 in the morning).

    • I just made mine today, since I’ll be travelling next week. I thought the cookies were a little thin too. I put the second batch in the fridge before baking to see if it would make a difference, but the result was the same.

      Regardless, I think the lavor is great! I only make Toll House Cookies, so the bittersweet was a nice change.

  4. I made these exactly according to the recipe, pecans and all, and everybody loved them! I froze some of the dough in tablespoons and they baked up great too.

  5. Delicious indeed!! Mine also came out a little thin. Mine spread like crazy, I should have spaced them out more or chilled them first. It was nice to make a more traditional dessert again.

  6. I’ve made them twice. The second time I added 1/4 extra flour. Both times they came out so thin. I even chilled the dough first. Sometimes I wonder if I tend to measure out a “lighter” cup of flour than other folks. I fluff the flour a tad first, and then dip and sweep. It seems like cookies are the most vulnerble when it comes to variations in the way flour is measured. Sigh.

    • Dorie says that her cup of flour is a “heavy” cup: 4 3/4 oz per cup. I baked these before I was in the weighing mode, and they were very thin. I probably won’t bake them this time around.

    • I’m more inclined to blame in on high altitude. There are some cookie recipes that at my elevation (about 4,300 ft) just practically melt on the pan and have no chance. I’ve made these twice now, adjusting for high altitude some on the second batch with better results. The second batch though didn’t have quite the right taste any more though. For me, I don’t blame the recipe, I just blame where I live :)

  7. I’ve made these several times, pretty much following the recipe exactly. I used walnuts instead of pecans, and I chopped the chocolate myself instead of using chips. I have to say, that made a HUGE difference. I love the way the chocolate is kind of marbled throughout the cookie. Love, love, LOVE these cookies.

  8. So one of my goals in life has been to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. Two years ago I pursued this goal in earnest: I baked two different chocolate chip cookie recipes each week for ten weeks and served them to about 20 guests who had come to eat soup, bread, and dessert. I asked them to rate the cookies and I had high hopes that there would be a clear favorite. What I discovered is that there are as many different concepts of “perfect” as there are cookie-eaters. My own conclusion is that you must use butter, you must use really good chocolate that you cut up yourself, and you must use pecans.

    I tried Dorie’s recipe and my friends all pronounced it YUMMY. What’s not to like with butter, hand cut good chocolate and pecans? And while I think these are wonderful cookies, I must confess that despite my loyalty to Dorie, and despite my goal to bake everything in her wonderful book by the end of this year, and despite my strong opinion that everything I have baked from her book so far has been absolutely fabulous, I do think that the very best chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve found is the one published by Cook’s Illustrated in its May/June 2009 issue.

    The CI people baked 700 cookies (which is about how many I baked doing my experiment, but unlike me, they were SCIENTIFIC about it and they tried to figure out how the chemistry worked). They assert that “perfect cookies have a lot to do with the sugar and how it’s treated. Sugar that is dissolved in liquid before baking caramelizes more readily than sugar that simply melts when exposed to the same amount of heat.” In their recipe, they melt part of the butter and dissolve the sugar into it along with egg and vanilla. Whisk, then rest for three minutes, then whisk and rest for three minutes and then whisk and rest for three more minutes. The result is a wonderfully complex flavor and an absolutely perfect texture.

    All this has shown me how much I still have to learn about baking! I feel like I’ve been taking a culinary class by baking through Dorie’s book, but I guess at some point I may need to learn chemistry!

    • OK, you have my curiosity piqued! Totally impressive that you did such thorough testing. I’m going to have to track down that CI recipe. I love the NYTimes CCC and I love my old old standby that has both butter and shortening (but the shortening gives me the willies now).

      • Peggy/Nancy, I made those CC cookies and had comments at work that they were the best, “hands down”, chocolate chip cookies. The technique is fun, interesting, and gives the cookies a somewhat “toffee” flavor (from the browned butter and brown sugar). I’ve used that technique of whisking/resting, etc for other cookies too – it’s a great way to vary the flavor!

      • Oops, I meant “CI”, Cook’s Illustrated, not CC. I’ll have to say the the chopped nuts (I used toasted pecans and chopped them fine) – also made the CI cookies a hit. Dorie’s recipe left the cookies feeling a little on the “oily” or “greasy” side – it was probably the 2 sticks of butter. Great tasting though!

  9. First recipe try from the book and not a hit. Chilled the dough but cookies spread like crazy, creating a “cookie pizza”. With only 8 on a sheet, there should have been plenty of room for each one. While the cookies were soft I cut them into hand held sizes but they didn’t exactly resemble chocolate chip cookies any longer. The kids ate them but they were too thin and crisp for my chocolate chip cookie liking.

  10. This is the second time I’ve made these and I only used 1.5 sticks of butter instead of 2 and there was no spreading. The cookie was a little more cakey, which I prefer. I love these, so good, especially with the hand-chopped chocolate.

  11. I made the recipe exactly and baked off a test batch, and got what many others got: thin cookies that spread like crazy. Some folks may like that, but it’s NOT my favorite.

    So I added an additional 1/2 cup of flour to the dough and 1/2 tsp baking powder (not soda) and refrigerated the dough overnight. MUCH better!

    If you’re looking to avoid big flat crispy cookie syndrome, I recommend either upping the flour (like me) or decreasing the butter by a few ounces (like folks above mentioned). You can also try mixing the cookies by hand instead of in a blender to avoid whipping too much air into them.

  12. Huh. For me, these cookies were very so-so. I would’ve loved the thin, spread like crazy cookies, but that’s not what I got. I followed the recipe and ended up with fairly thick cookies that were decent enough fresh from the oven, if not my favorite ever, but hard and crunchy once cooled to room temp. I ended up dunking them in tea, and it worked well enough, but I wouldn’t make them again. Did anyone else have the crunch problem?

  13. After reading your comments, I am worried about making these. I am a huge fan of the NYTimes cookies (based on J. Torres’ recipe, I think) and really do not like thin cookies. Other ideas about how to “butch” these up?

  14. These turn out very crunchy (after cooling) for me. Chewy is more to my liking and so these probably wouldn’t be my go to CCC recipe. I like a little bit of crispness on the edges with a nice chewy middle. How about you?

    Agreed on good quality chopped chocolate and also I love toasted nuts if its just me. My tasters aren’t big fans of nuts and that’s okay.

  15. Mine were very flat but chewy and they stayed chewy. I had the dough in the fridge for three days before I baked them; I don’t know if that had anything to do with the texture. I thought they were really good, especially with the chopped chocolate instead of the usual chocolate chips.

  16. Mine spread out and were super thin. I used chopped 72% cocoa chocolate and pecans. They tasted fine, but I was disappointed with how flat they were. Not a recipe I will make again.

  17. I really wish I had read the P&Q before making these – this is definitely on my list of TWD disappointments (not a very long list, but I do have one). I will post about it tomorrow; but I really don’t like thin (read flatter than a pancake) chocolate chip cookies. Apparently the picture on the facing page in Dorie’s book was not of these chocolate chip cookies.

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