P&Q: Honey-Wheat Cookies

Cookies! Since the east coast is snowed in, or has been, Im willing to bet a lot of you are done for this month already.

March’s recipes will be posted shortly.

Go to it….

39 thoughts on “P&Q: Honey-Wheat Cookies

  1. I absolutely loved these. I’m such a huge fan of wheat germ coupled with honey and lemon — it was amazing!

    They were fun to make. I loved rolling them in the wheat germ and then pressing them down with the bottom of a cup. They were so soft! YUM!

    I really want to make them again!

    OH…and can’t wait for March recipes. I’ve been done with February’s for almost a week now! (for some reason i was so anxious to get everything done.)

  2. These are in the freezer – unbaked. The dough was too addictive to eat by itself (it was unbelievably sweet) – surprisingly so… looking forward to tasting the finished version!

    • Lauryn,
      I think wheat germ makes these cookies what they are..delicious. Wheat Flour will not give them the same consistency. The texture of these cookies with the wheat germ is amazing!

      • Thanks for the freezing tip, I didn’t know that – mine’s in the cupboard… I found mine in the bulk section flours/nuts/grain, etc. for .99 cents a pound (not that I need large amounts of wheat germ)! :)

      • I forget what I initially bought a package of wheat germ for (I think it was granola bars), but it has since been an ingredient in a few different cookie recipes, so, to me at least, it seems worth having on hand; especially since you can freeze it.

  3. I baked these today, and here’s the math in case anyone wants to make 1/2 batch: 118 g flour, 50 g wheat germ (divided), 1/4 tsp baking powder, 1/8 tsp salt, 50 g sugar, 1 tsp lemon zest (about 1/2 reg sized lemon), 2 oz butter, 1/4 c honey (forgot to weigh, sorry), 25 g egg.

    For me, a 1″ ball was about 1 oz, or 30 g, and I got 12 cookies from half a batch.

    I forgot to set the timer, and my cookies got a bit browned, but we really enjoyed them. I should know better, but I was surprised at how good they were!

  4. I used wheat bran instead of wheat germ, and accidentally added all of it to the dough instead of saving some to roll the unbaked dough balls in. And even though I only made 1/2 the recipe, I used the zest of an entire orange.

    The result? Fab-u-lous! These were so fragrant, and not too sweet. We all loved them. I can’t wait to make them again!

    • Good to know because I think I have wheat bran on hand and no wheat germ. And, I happen to have oranges and not lemons at the moment. So, if I don’t get to the store it sounds like they will still work out.

  5. These were wonderful and dare I say healthy? Well, Maybe not considering how many cookies I ate in the form of wheat germ covered dough. I’m off the wagon but this made the fall quite nice…quite nice.

  6. I must admit that the wheat germ made me a bit wary, but it really did add a nice flavor to these little gems. Rolling the dough balls in wheat germ gave them a nice texture and appearance. Lovely little cookies which my husband summed up in three words, “These are gooooooood.”

  7. I’m going to be making these tomorrow – I actually have all the ingredients on hand which is a bit of a surprise. I have to say I’m a bit sad to see the end of our recent chocolate streak…but it sounds like these are pretty popular so I’m looking forward to giving them a shot.

  8. wheat germ is one of the only things i forgot on the grocery run. and this is one of the only cookies i have not made from the book yet. ugh. not sure if i will get back out. we will see.

  9. CB, I always find wheat germ in the cereal aisle next to the oatmeal. Kretschmer’s brand (sp) or something like that. This is at a big regional supermarket chain (Stop & Shop).

  10. Crap… I just threw out my wheat germ as it was past it’s expiration date…. :( Also I mistakenly baked the CCC’s for this week. O well: have to see if my tiny supermarket actually carries wheat germ, can’t remember where I bought it last time…

  11. I’ll be honest. I did not like these! I associate lemon & honey with cough drops and these cookies tasted just like them.

    I think, if I make them again, I’ll omit the lemon completely and just do honey-wheat.

  12. We are on the same wavelength Lydia! Mine are chilling too, they have an hour left. I used clementines instead of lemons, that’s what I had in the house. Ummm, zesting clementines is not as easy as you might think! LOL

  13. Yay: found some wheat germ!! Posted My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies today, will bake these tomorrow and the post will be up Thursday. So happy to be back at baking: it’s therapy :)

  14. After reading all these great reviews, I was initially disappointed with these cookies. However, after they sat a day, I loved them. I’m not sure if they got better with age or if it was just that I wasn’t so full of the dough (which was yummy!).

    PS. Hi Everyone! I’m thrilled that I joined your group right before it was closed to new members!

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