The verdict is in…

In an overwhelming outpouring of opinion, it is clear you the people of TWD think that the ‘host of the week’ needs to be an active participant. They have to follow the rules to have the honor of hosting. So, moving forward, anyone who has not done their share, 2 weeks per month, will not be able to host. Now, now, before you twist your face all up, if you need time off, which we all do from time to time because of life, EMAIL me. Its that simple. If you are unable to keep up because you are moving, you had a baby, are getting married, are very ill or your dog died, EMAIL ME! tuesdayswith dorie AT gmail DOT com.

Okay, with that settled, Ive made another semi-big decision. Tuesdays with Dorie is now a closed group. We will no longer be accepting new members while baking through Baking From My Home to Yours. In all honesty, the group has gotten too big for me. The members who have been here since the beginning and know the story, know this group happened on accident. It was not some plan I hatched in the dark of night. While it has been a wonderful thing, and it is a wonderful thing, I dont know a lot of the members and that bothers me. Is it my fault? Most certainly. I simply do not have the time to scroll over 300+ blogs a week. I can barely visit my friends blogs and rarely comment on their awesome posts. We will open the group up again when/if we start another book with TWD. And I know we will. :)

Lastly, thank you for always giving me your honest opinions. I am doing my best to do what the masses want with the group.  I think we are on the right track. More thanks for your support of me. It has been a rough 9 months in the Woodward household, but I think we too are on the right track. xo

Now go ahead, comments, questions, complaints… start now..

54 thoughts on “The verdict is in…

  1. Congratulations on making some sensible decisions. My personal disappointment is that I discovered TWD in the last couple of months after baking 1/3 of the recipes in the book on my own! I’m sorry that I am not an official member, but I intend to keep baking along and posting to my newly created blog. My goal is to finish the whole book by the end of the year–my friends are delighted with this goal as I share everything I bake.

      • Thanks! I do hope that the email I sent didn’t get lost in cyberspace!

        I’ve been baking today in snowy upstate New York. I made the banana bundt cake and the house smells wonderful! And I just made brioche batter in the happy anticipation of baking up the chocolate bread pudding on Sunday. Oh yes, then there’s the honey-wheat cookie dough chilling in the refrigerator. Baking with Dorie slows me down and wakes me up!

  2. Would you PLEASE consider accepting those of us who sent in our requests to join the group BEFORE you made the decision to close it?




  3. Thank you Laurie, I think you’re doing what is best for the group and your sanity. This can’t be easy to maintain so I think we all understand you have a lot of support if you need it. :>

  4. I know this is a ton of work and we appreciate what you do!

    Now this is kind of silly but I think you should get AdSense so we can click you over some pennies for all your help each time we stop in, haha! :)

  5. Laurie, you have a lot on your plate and I think the decisions you’ve made (with input from the group) are fair and reasonable. If there is anything I can do to make life a bit easier for you, please do not hesitate to ask. BTW, glad to hear we’ll start a new book once we complete BFMHTY!

    Have a great weekend, everyone!
    ~ Ashley

  6. I’m sad I didn’t find this group before you made your decision but I do understand. I love the book and will be following along official member or not. My family and friends are looking forward to trying all of the amazing goodies. I’m looking forward to the next book/group and hopefully I’ll be able to join in time.

  7. Yay! Making decisions always makes me feel better than wondering what to do. Glad I managed to join in December:)
    I bet a post with things that need to get done would get tons of responses. Like others above, I can also help if you need it. After all, you have lent us Sid for the Olympics:)

    • Im actually rooting for Canada! haha I have to. Hes our Sid!! I went into it saying I wouldnt root for any team since we have guys on USA, Canada and Russia. But, I cant help it. And he was awesome last night in the shoot out. :)

      • Thanks–I think we need all the support we can get if last night was any indication. STRESSFUL!! Sid was pretty awesome, along with what we’re calling the Crosby, Skills and Nash line.

  8. You are awesome for all that you do! I imagine it takes hours and hours of your time, and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it. TWD has helped me bake so many recipes I wouldn’t try otherwise, and introduced me to a whole new set of blogging friends. THANK YOU!

  9. Like Susi, I’ll follow TWD unofficially from April, since I’d just love to try recipes from the book and might not make them otherwise.
    I do support ur decision to close the group – I can understand how challenging it is to keep up with so many members.
    GOod luck & hope to join you when you start the new book!

  10. I think you have made a wise decision Lorie, the group is so huge now and as you say, you are nearly half way through the book…I bet that’s hard to believe! I emailed you a couple of weeks ago about re-joining TWD… (I have a little more time to bake now) I hope you received it. xx

  11. Sounds like a fine decision…I am one of those slackers who left in July to have a baby…truly thought I’d be out of it for a month or 2, and now it’s 7 months later and I’m finally JUST back baking again for TWD! (Would not have blamed you had you given me the axe! I know the big part of this club is mere participation!)

    I’m happy to be back baking again–and hope you know how much I looked forward to being involved. I know you did not plan to create this community, but I for one am glad that it evolved from your idea–as I have found it to be such a wonderful little corner of the vast and all too often vacuous world wide web! Hope all is ok with you and your family, I’m reading that you have had quite the plateful lately. You’re in thoughts and prayers

  12. Good Morning Laurie,
    Truly an amazing group of bloggers here and many shining stars. So neat how it has all evolved. I am glad you have made choices for your good. You have to take the reigns sometimes and stop the madness. In light of a previous comment, I have to echo the suggestion that if you picked some of the tasks you would like to delegate, perhaps those who are inclined to accept the challenge would step up and be a part of your team. I don’t know how that has worked out in the past. I just see lots of folks offering to help you so maybe if you give us an occupation we can give a hand. What do you say?

    BTW I think you are doing an amazing thing with this group and congratulations on its success. I bet Dorie is so appreciative. We are her best advertising!

  13. Laurie,
    Thanks for all you are doing! I just joined in February and did my first two recipes this month. I am wondering how long it usually takes for your blog to show up in the list on your blog? Also, How do i get a badge to pt on my blog?
    Thanks again!

  14. Laurie, a huge thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for the group. After all, you started the group, and you should be able to make it manageable for you. You have my support!

  15. I fully support your decision Laurie. My only request is that the list of blogs on the sidebar be updated. I realize it’s easy to ask that, so I am more than willing to help, as I am sure that others are.

    Maybe you could collect volunteer names and assign a block of 10 or 20 blogs that are on the sidebar, then we could go through and check for recent posts to coincide with the rules? Also, I’d love to see who any of the newer members are that are baking along but haven’t quite made it onto the sidebar yet.

    I quit using the sidebar a long time ago because more often than not I was clicking over and not finding a TWD post. :(

    Again, I am happy to help, and I know others have volunteered their time as well, so hopefully together we can help you with this task! :)

    • Amanda- I spent over 4 hours cleaning out the blogroll on Friday. It should be up to date now. I have not added the newest members however. (mid-january-now) The bakers page is a carbon copy of the blogroll, so it should also be up to date. :)

      • Laurie, I still don’t see my blog on the side. I emailed ya back in October about joining. You said I was good to go. I commented in the cleanup post and did not hear anything. I emailed you from work in January and still did not hear anything. If the blogroll is updated, where is mine? Since this is now closed, I would be so sad to not be a part of this group. You said that people who emailed you were in…I hope that emailing four months ago counts! Thanks so much for all you do for this group!

        Meg :)

  16. I agree with Amanda and totally support your decision! I will also help with updating the blogs on the sidebar or anything else that would help. Just let me know what would be most helpful.

  17. Honestly, I thought the group was already closed and was open only for special occasions/holidays. I know I’m one of the guilty ones who’ve been slacking, but I’ve been slacking on my blog as a whole, not just TwD. I’m starting to get back into it bc I know I want to make most (if not all) of March’s recipes.

    Also, any ideas on what book we may use next? You know, so I can add more to my Amazon wish list ;)

  18. Hi Laurie,

    I totally understand closing the group. However, I e-mailed you on Feb. 17 to see if I could get in the group…..did I make the cut-off? If not, can I still bake and blog ‘unofficially’? I already made the honey wheat cookies and they were fabulous!

  19. I missed your previous post asking for our thoughts but I wholeheartedly agree w/your decision, Laurie. You are wonderful for all that you do and I am so grateful to have this group, even if I barely have time to take care of the baby and bake along each week, skipping a few here and there now…it truly saddens me that I can’t bake every single week like I used to before the baby, and even more so that I rarely have time to visit the other blogs now… so I understand where you are coming from, having a whole lot more on your plate!

    Again, thanks for all that you do :) I love this group!

  20. Thank you Laurie for all of your hard work. I have slacked off this past couple of months for various reasons, but I love this group and cannot imagine baking without thinking of my TWD friends – even if it is not a TWD recipe. Please do not drop me. I know how hard it must be to make the decisions – you are awesome. Take care, lola

  21. Oh my gosh Laurie, I just checked the roster and I have been dropped. Please, please reinstate me. I was listed twice and perhaps that caught your attention. My life has been hectic with two adult children losing their jobs, etc. etc. I don’t want to whine, but please. Thanks so much. lola

  22. I totally agree with the idea of having to participate to host for your week! Maybe I will get to host in three years instead of four now! :) I will say that I have been waiting since October to be added to the list. I have posted several times in the clean up post and emailed about being added and have never heard anything! I would love to see my blog on the side too!

  23. Am I ever glad, I joined. As a new member, I think you have to do what is best both for you and the group and it sounds like you are being very fair.

    If I can help, in any way, I am here and would love to make it easier for you.


    I wish someone would tell me how to change this address from Word Press. Word Press is being difficult.

  24. yay i’m so glad i’m already a member :) I feel special. no, really, I do, because we have such great people here! Thanks Laurie for all your hard work and for getting us all started.

  25. I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately. But I plan to do much better! Hope you all will bear with me a little longer. Laurie does have a big job on her hands and we all appreciate the time she spends doing it! Thank you.

  26. Ciao Laurie, I’m reading your last posts after two weeks of hard work and I agree with the group ideas. I’m baking the poor honey wheat germ cookies who were waiting in the freezer and cooling the coconut custard… But the main thing I wanted to say is :Thank you for all the work you are wonderfully doing !!!!

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