P&Q: Soft Chocolate and Raspberry Tart

Mmm, tart. Tarts are my favorite. Well, behind jelly donuts and chocolate cake, of course. :)

Go to it….

81 thoughts on “P&Q: Soft Chocolate and Raspberry Tart

  1. I don’t know if I’m gonna make this one, I’m not a fan of raspberries, and I don’t think that chocolate and blueberries will go together…


  2. I think I might do maraschino or candied cherries. I know a lot of people find them gross but I kinda like the texture.

    My concern is the serving it warm and soon after baking. I usually bring my baking to work so the timing of this might not work that well.

  3. what level of dessert overload have I reached when I look at something like this and think…eh, seems a little creamy…

    it’s pudding. and berries.

    what’s wrong with me?

  4. I so looking forward to this one. I’ll halve the recipe and use my 7 inch tart pan again, then I’ll make one with white chocolate and yellow raspberries as well. My taste testers at work have their preferences and I have to cater to them! Once doesn’t like dark chocolate, another doesn’t like red berry fruits, so there I go – two tarts.

  5. I made this last year for a scrap retreat but want to make it again. The concensus was add more raspberries! :) Everyone in the group loved it though. I think I am making it for the last night of my class that I am teaching.

  6. I’m going to make 2 minis, one with raspberries and one without. I love the whole fruit and chocolate combo, but I’m thinking that a plain chocolate version might be sort of fun, too.

  7. I think I’ll skip the fruit and make a chocolate tart inspired by the Vosges Barcelona Bar (chocolate, smoked almonds, sea salt). I have no idea how to smoke almonds, but it should be fun to try!

  8. I used blueberries and strawberries inside and people didn’t even notice them- just the ones I served on top.

    Mine was firmer than a pudding. It was really yummy and came together quickly, but next time I’ll just leave the berries out (or put in nuts or something) and serve them on top.

    I made this a couple weeks ago and could really use a slice right now… yum!

    • I went ahead and gave it a go…I blotted them dry first though and they weren’t super ripe, so the water issues seemed to be okay. Pretty good. I liked the tartness, but raspberries would have been better :)

  9. I am thinking of making mini tarts. Do you think if I half the recipe I could get 4-4inch mini tarts? or should I make the full recipe? Also thoughts on using maraschino cherries instead of raspberries…?

  10. Hi everyone! I’m happy to se many of you wanting to bake this with me. Mr. picked this out of a handful of recipes I suggested, so we’ll blame him for the $$ raspberries, lol. Ok ok, He actually picked another recipe, but I talked him out of it, for this one, lol!

    For my tart I am actually going to try a combo of fruits, jarred cherries (Trader Joe’s Morello cherries) and fresh raspberries. I don’t think my family is big on raspberries, but I am so I’ll do both fruits.

    Remember, if you don’t have a tart pan (raises hand) you can use a springform pan just the same.

    I look forward to seeing everyones tarts! :)

  11. I’m a rebel. I used frozen strawberries. I defrosted them, chopped them small (for a mini-tart) and sprinkled them with a portion of the sugar. I let that set and then drained off the liquid that was produced. My tart was still a bit sloppy when cut, but definitely delicious.

  12. I made this for a party and it was a huge hit. Everyone gathered around the tart the rest of the night and wouldn’t stop talking about it. I was hesitant because the raspberries were so darn expensive, but I found them for cheaper at the last minute. It was extremely sweet, but the chocolate was rich and creamy. I highly suggest serving a whip cream on top.

    I would think frozen are fine, mine didn’t turn out pretty even with fresh berries.

    This is easy and if you can find the berries for a reasonable price, MAKE IT! It’s very delicious, if you like chocolate.

  13. I’m going to be out of town (vacay in NYC!!!) on the 16th, but I REALLY want to make this one…can I post it the next week w/ my dulce de leche duos? Pretty please?

  14. I am the only one who likes berries with chocolate. Dh and the kids like bananas with chocolate so maybe I could do mini tarts and do some with raspberries and some with bananas.

  15. I’m attempting to use dried Montmorency cherries – rehydrated with some kirsch. If that doesn’t work I’ll just drink the kirsch.

  16. Mike – think you’re on to something. I live sort of in the middle of the country and was able to get beautiful fresh raspberries at Sam’s for under $5 for 12 oz. I love eating them out of hand, a very special treat, that I enjoy when I have an excuse to buy them. I’ve never added fruit to a chocolate tart before because I’ve always thought “why?” Don’t know if anyone else feels that way, but I am going to step out of my chocolate box and try something different. YAY! I’ll let ya know. Any thoughts? Did anyone use a chocolate crust as well?

  17. I made this on Friday and am gonna make it again tomorrow! The first one tastes really good, but I over-baked the crust. I forgot to take into account that I was using an 11-inch tart pan, so my crust was dark and my filling not as full as it could have been! BUT the taste was definitely all there. I can not stop eating it!

  18. I was planning to make this tomorrow, but now I have a birthday party to attend so hopefully I’ll still be able to fit it in – you know me, if it is chocolate I am compelled to make it – but I think I’ll be subbing something for the raspberries.

  19. I made a 7″ tart yesterday with some trepidation. I usually like my chocolate unadulterated. Surpising to me, it was delicious. I made 1/2 of the filling which was a bit scant and used both raspberries and blackberries. They held their shape and were just the right texture with the creamy filling. I served it with a small scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream. It was a big success and easy to make.

  20. I made this last night and it was delish! I went ahead and used the fresh raspberries even though we are not big fans and it was sooo yummy! And I got to break out the mini tart pans :)

  21. Did anyone have to bake their tart for longer than 30 minutes? Mine’s still jiggyly so I added 10 more minutes. It’s still baking but hopefully 10 minutes more is all it needs…?

  22. Im going to try to throw this together now. Unsure which kind of crust to use. Im thinking I want just a simple shortbread type crust.

  23. We just finished dinner (a roast chicken on the grill–my husband thinks it’s time to get the grill out despite the 35 degree temperatures!) and the delightful chocolate raspberry tart. You all do know that it is pi day, don’t you?! Having pie on pi day seemed to be just the thing to do.

  24. Is it just me, or are these basically a flourless brownie baked in a tart shell? I made 2 5-inch tarts and they took about 37 minutes – a wonderful smell from the oven!

    • Did you already taste them before this post?? Just confused if you had or not and was wondering what it was like.
      I would say the chocolate is more of a set pudding consistency, nothing like a flourless brownie, there’s nothing cake like about it. =)

      • No, sorry Rachelle – it’s cooling. I just thought it “looked” like a brownie while baking. It was puffing up like a brownie does – and then I thought is was put together in a similar way (eggs mixed in with melted chocolate, sugar, etc). Can’t wait to try it – pudding consistency is good!

  25. I’m trying to buy only seasonal produce, so I went with kumquats. I sliced them and candied them before adding them to the tart, and it worked *great*. I love the combo of chocolate and citrus anyhow, and the candied kumquat added a really nice flavor and a chewy (but not hard!) texture. I like it when experiments work out like that!

  26. I hate to say it, but I have to skip this week. I haven’t skipped anything since December I think, so I don’t feel too guilty. I’m sorry Rachelle! Unfortunately I am missing 3 key ingredients and have already spent my grocery budget for the week, plus no one here will eat it, not big fruit tart fans :(

  27. Hi all! Does anyone happen to have a grocery list for this tart handy? I left my cookbook at home and am planning a grocery run after work – and can’t seem to find the recipe online anywhere! Help!

    • Not sure if you still need it but here you go!

      3 oz bittersweet chocolate
      2 oz milk chocolate
      1/2 cup heavy cream
      1/2 stick (4 tbsp) unsalted butter
      2-1/2 tbsp sugar
      2 large eggs
      1 large egg yolk
      1 cup (6oz containter) fresh raspberries
      1-9inch sweet tart dough recipe

      Hope that helps!

  28. this looks and smells so delicious. I used a pie crust to save some time today (had one in the freezer) and I can hardlywait to eat it. I make the treats during the afternoons and wait for my husband to get home and we can all have some together. Otherwise he might not get any, tee hee!

  29. I really like the flavor combination of chocolate and raspberries, but they were way too pricey this time of year. I used the suggestion Dorie has in her Playing Around and went with cherries in heavy syrup. Funny thing, the flavor of the cherries is barely noticeable.

    Very nice recipe!

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  32. I’m going to be the odd man out on this one and confess that I found something rather off-putting about this recipe, for some reason. The strange thing is that each component was delish independent of each other. The raspberries surprisingly sweet and the chocolate filling was to die for! However, once the two joined together in the oven, something strange happened and the flavor changed completely. I think I would have preferred this as just a chocolate tart with fresh raspberries on top.

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