P&Q: Dulce de Leche Duos

Cookies! Ive been looking at these for a while in the book. Im glad their name was called!

Let it fly…

33 thoughts on “P&Q: Dulce de Leche Duos

  1. I made these today since I go out of town on Thursday. I made a couple with a chocolate filling and they were not real good. Not quite terrible, but close. The ones with the Dulce de Leche filling were AWESOME. So so so good. I ran out of Dulce de Leche and put the unfilled ones in the freezer and will get more when I get back to town and fill them then.

  2. I’ve had this freakish fascination with dulce de leche lately. I’ve have the dough in the freezer for a few weeks. I’ve made 4 batches of dulce de leche to find out which makes the best kind. 1): boiled can of condensed milk 2): can of condensed milk poured in a covered pie plate and baked in simmering water in the oven 3): homemade stove top version from Sky High Cakes with milk, sugar, corn syrup, heavy cream, cinnamon stick, vanilla bean, (needs constant attention/stirring) 4): double boiler method – can of condensed milk in bowl over simmering water. The best? #2: The oven method produced the creamiest with a nice caramel color, without any stirring or attention (a David Lebovitz recipe: http://tinyurl.com/62ukcs. I suppose the easiest is store-bought, but I went with homemade since I can’t find any here. Sorry for the long-winded post!

      • Bridget: The boiling can WAS a little nervewracking (waiting for it to explode all over the kitchen). Double boiler was much safer – with a stir here and there. But the oven method was by far less work and, for some reason, had the creamiest texture (even after refrigerating). Some of the other methods made an un-stirrable, stiff caramel when chilled. All were good though!

  3. I made these yesterday. I left the white sugar out because it seemed like way too much. I don’t know if that’s why, but my cookies are UGLY! They tasted okay, but I can’t say enough about the unattractiveness of them. I almost didn’t take a picture, they were so bad.

    • Mine were ugly too and I followed the recipe. I think that’s why there is no photo of them in the book. Not even a highly qualified food stylist could get these babies looking good! May just have to pick one for a photo.

      • Thanks Heather! Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one:)
        I even made them small, but they were just too cakey for me. My family loved them, though.

    • Whew! I thought…..”Surely this can’t be how they’re supposed to look!” I ended up adding more flour so they would hold their shape and not be so much like a florentine cookie, but the flavor was really good!

  4. i loved these cookies!

    i made the mistake of doing a rounded tablespoon instead of a rounded teaspoon with the first couple sheets. it all worked out. but the smaller ones are better looking and just a better size.

    great choice!

    Holy cow! Great ideas for a homemade version of dulce de leche. i really want to try those. in fact, that’s my only regret about these cookies…i wished i would have made my own dulce de leche.

    the good news is I’ll be making them again, so I’ll have a chance to try my hand at it.

    • Yeah you definitely need to do a small teaspoon size. I used a heaped teaspoon for my first round and they were just way too big. Also need to make sure you leave enough space between each one as some of mine blended. Looking forward to trying one though!

  5. I thought the dulce de leche didn’t come through in the cookies themselves. next time I’ll make lemon sables or alfajores and just eat dulce de leche to my heart’s content as the filling.

  6. I made these over the weekend and LOVE them! I brought them into work with me on Monday and people were coming back for seconds and thirds. I tried nutella filling, which was fine, but the dulce de leche is definitely the winner.

  7. Wow, the texture of these is just perfect – so soft and chewy. I haven’t gotten around to layering the cookies with more dulce de leche yet, but I wanted to suggest that you consider increasing the salt. I actually tripled it, and I still think they could use more. Quadruple the amount Dorie calls for would be about what most chocolate chip cookie recipes recommend, and considering how sweet these are and how good caramel and salt are together, it doesn’t seem like an unreasonable amount for these.

  8. I hate to do it, but I have to delay making these. I want to make them, but unless it’s in my pantry this week i can’t afford to make it :( I will probably make them in a week or so when the belt tightens up a bit and I can shop some more!

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