Leave Your Link

Starting something a little new around these parts.

I’m trying to get better at meeting some of our new TWD bakers and commenting on their blogs but it really BUMS ME OUT when I go down the blogroll and this baker or that baker didn’t make the recipe that week. My time is precious, people! And you just wasted 5 secs of my time. Don’t get me wrong. Nothing bad about skipping a week (it’s allowed according to TWD bylaws) but I wanna streamline it more.

So I got to thinking.

What if I started a post every week so bakers could “Leave Your Link” via comments to let all TWD bakers know they made the recipe that week? All the blog links in one place. So to speak.

What do you say?

Let’s give it a go starting tomorrow.

Your friendly neighborhood White Chocolate Brownies Campaign-er,

32 thoughts on “Leave Your Link

  1. OMG.. finally!… Like you it will tick me off clicking and clicking until I would find a baker that had done the recipe of the week. I’m all over this :)

  2. I am down for this.

    Just a heads up: I will be posting late tomorrow. With work and a death in the family I actually won’t have time to bake until tomorrow.

  3. Great idea! I always try to comment on quite a few if I have time and it can be frustrating looking for bakers who baked that week. This may even make me vote for those white chocolate brownies if we get another opportunity…

  4. Just saw this post and you are SOOOOO on the same brainwave as me! I had this same thought just last week. There we go with the GMTA thing again. Thank you for doing this – maybe it will help me get my act together! :)

  5. Eeeks! This must be directed at me! ;) Sorry, it was Spring Break this last week, so I bailed on the recipe, but I made it up this week! This would definitely make things easier for you and really not that much effort for us. Sounds good!

  6. Great idea! I am guilty as charged lately. I won’t be leaving my link today… hoping to make my dulce de leche tonight and post by Thursday.

  7. Great idea! I, like you, have “wasted” so much time trying to find which bakers baked each week so I could leave a comment. I think this is brilliant! Oh, I won’t be baking this week. Today is the first day off I have had since last Monday and I am going to make my Mom’s rice pudding instead. Sorry gang. :)

  8. I was a bit skeptical, because I thought “But you have the snap preview, telling you the titles of the latest posts anyways”, but you are oh so right! It is much better like that!

  9. Oh YAY. I’ve given up going down the blogroll because link after link had not posted in forever. I truly enjoy reading the comments for recipe of the week. Wonderful idea.

  10. Sorry, I didn’t read all the comments here so someone may have already suggested it, but have you thought about putting a McLinky on instead of leaving urls in the comments?

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