P&Q: Coconut Tea Cake

I loooove coconut. However, my family does not. I will be making this and giving 85% away. Whats with all the coconut haters out there? :P

Have at it…

45 thoughts on “P&Q: Coconut Tea Cake

  1. I was so excited that it was a cake that I made it yesterday! I used fresh coconut and cardamom. Even with 1 teaspoon of cardamom, it wasn’t that strong, so keep that in mind if you’re adding spices. I love coconut but find it mutes the other flavours.

    • Interesting! I’m a cardamom fanatic, though so I like a strong taste of it and I still can’t taste it and I made it 2 days ago. (just had a test slice for breakfast to be sure)

    • Mine was also a bit dry. It was good, though. I used light coconut milk, which didn’t seem to have that strong of a coconut flavor, so I upped the coconut to one cup and decreased the amount of sugar in the recipe since I used sweetened coconut.

      • This is the first cake that I haven’t been able to get out of my Bundt pan. If other people have had sticking problems I guess it’s the batter and not my pan. Next time a parchment lined loaf pan!

    • sadly, mine was very dry too. and it is still cemented into the pan! i’ve never had cake do that before- it will not budge! i was really really looking forward to this one too!

  2. Mine is very moist, almost worrisomely so. Surprising because I sort of expect “tea cake” to be drier. hmmm. I made it with lime and mostly taste coconut and sugar right now, though I womder if the flavor will deepen over the week.

  3. Made this cake last night and love it! So delicate in flavor and texture. I used the rum and added lime zest. Bringing to a party tonight to toast and have with coconut ice cream and chocolate sauce.

    ps- mine only needed about 50 minutes in the oven so check it early.

  4. I made this awhile back and, while I didn’t taste it myself of course (no to coconut!), I got reports that it was very good and very moist. I went the coconut lime route and it smelled fabulously. One of the reports I got was days after I made it. It must keep pretty well.

  5. I have made this twice- once I used lime zest and a made a lime juice/powdered sugar glaze. The next time I made a lemon/ginger version and made a lemon/ginger glaze.
    Both times it was moist and met with great reviews.

  6. I made this last night (the coconut lime version, but skipped the rum as I am not a fan) as two loaves. Smelled great, one went into my freezer and the other into work – the one at work was gone in no time!

  7. I made this a month ago, the lime/rum version, with unsweeetened coocnut. Mine was good and moist. It looked like a pound cake but tasted much fluffier. I used to be a hater, but now I’m starting to really like coconut!

  8. meh…i’m a coconut hater, it something about the texture that puts me off. Everyone else in my family likes it though, so I guess I’ll be really nice and make it for them =)
    the rum version looks good…

  9. Do you think I can use unsweetened coconuts without adding more sugar? I don’t like cakes too sweet, and I can’t get sugared coconut shreds.

    And did anyone ever dry coconuts at home? By chance I have a coconut here, but never tried to dry one. Any hints how to do that?

    • Alvarosa,

      I used unsweetened coconut, and the cake was still sweet! I used fresh coconut, which I shredded very finely, and it added a nice crunch and moisture I’m sure, as my cake was very moist.

      I used a vegetable peeler to make thin slices of the rest of the coconut and then I dried/toasted them in a 350F oven. It took 15 or 20 minutes, and I just stirred them around until they were lightly browned. They’re in the freezer now and taste great–very crisp! The ones I put on top of the cake glaze turned soft and chewy, so I would recommend keeping them separate until serving.

  10. I made this a couple of weeks ago for a luncheon of my gal pals. The hostess prepared a delicious Indian menu – she is an expert, as that is her heritage. I lightly toasted cardamom seeds and ground them. I do this with many of my whole spices. It makes a huge difference in flavor. The cake was delicious and was served with a not too sweet Indian kind of ice cream. I did not find it too dry.

  11. ok I made 1/2 the recipe and baked it in a loaf pan, this time i added 1/2 tbs of butter and reduced the baking time and the cake was much better (and it came out of the pan easily this time!).

  12. Made this cake early this afternoon and thought it was very good! I added lemon zest, lemon juice and rum ~ moist and delicious! I love coconut and like the extra texture it adds. Just for appearance I put a thin glaze on the top.

  13. Made my cake yesterday afternoon, using blood orange zest, a dash of orange oil, rum, toasted unsweetened coconut, and coconut milk powder. It’s delicious! (Couldn’t taste the rum, though, which is disappointing.) I should freeze it soon before I eat it all.

  14. Is anyone baking mini bundlets? I have a 12-cuplet pan and am thinking of trying it out (it would make the cakes about the size of a regular cupcake). Problem is I don’t know how long to bake them. Help, please!!

  15. Made this one today. It came out beautiful. I followed the recipe straight up including the rum and I did toast the coconut. I can’t do an unglazed bundt cake, so I made a vanilla rum glaze with some malibu coconut rum, meyers dark, vanilla extract and powdered sugar. YUM!

  16. Made this Yesterday for a luncheon and all the ladies liked it. Used a silicone cake pan and while a little over brown on the outside of the flower, it was moist and dense in the middle.

    Next time I need to add rum

  17. I made two loaf pan cakes which I added the lime zest to the sugar and the coconut rum instead of the rum. It was sweet, but delicious-decided to slice it and toast it like biscotti; then serve it with vin santo, which by the way, I would never defile with toasted coconut sticks or biscotti!

  18. I am Coco for Coconut, Hubby not so much… But we both have to admit that these were very tasty. A little dry but good. And like the Question asked… “Yes, we did put the Lime in the Coconut!” In the frosting that is. I have a workshop this evening that I needed treats for so we made this recipe into cupcakes and frosting them with a Coconut & Lime Seven Minute Frosting, topped with green toasted coconut and lemon drop eggs. Very festive for the Easter Week….

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