Tweet Tweet!

Do you tweet?

I don’t know about you but I’m LOVING the new LYL feature b/c I had a great time reading over 80 blogs (Where the other 320 bakers at??) and one of the things I noticed is how many TWD bakers tweet! I had no idea. I’d love to make some new twitter friends.

Here’s TWD bakers: @tuesdayswdorie

What’s yours?

One more thing.

Can we start using the hashtag #TWDbakers if you are tweeting about anything TWD related? It makes it easier for me to find the subject when I search later. I was using #TWD but I found out that the acronym stands for “Tweeting While Driving” so my search was pulling up some random tweets! HA HA!

In the words of our fearless leader…


Your disgruntled – b/c no one picked them for April – White Chocolate Brownie lover,

49 thoughts on “Tweet Tweet!

  1. Here’s mine: @ihcuppycakes

    I want to get to know the person behind the baker so there’s nothing wrong if you use your twitter as a 140 character advert for your blog but I probably won’t follow. Just FYI.

  2. I don’t tweet, I’m barely figuring out Facebook… but I am holding out hoping no one picks the White Chocolate Brownies until it is my turn…. hehehehe!

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