LYL: [Coconut Tea Cake]

Did you put the lime in the coconut? (Sorry I couldn’t resist!)

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100 thoughts on “LYL: [Coconut Tea Cake]

  1. These all look amazing! I’m sad….and hungry, surrounded by my matzah and non-leavened baked goods. Please enjoy your tea cakes on behalf of those who can’t eat them this week!

    And Happy Passover to everyone who is celebrating :-)

  2. I am Coco for Coconut, Hubby not so much… But we both have to admit that these were very tasty. A little dry but good. And like the Question asked… “Yes, we did put the Lime in the Coconut!” All Lime… No RUM! (In the frosting that is.) I have a workshop this evening that I needed treats for so we made this recipe into cupcakes and frosting them with a Coconut & Lime Seven Minute Frosting, topped with green toasted coconut and lemon drop eggs. Very festive for the Easter Week….

    You can check mine out at

  3. I’m taking this week off due to being out of town and will make the coconut tea cake next week since I don’t do mocha flavored things. Might need to pick up some limes based on what everyone else says! :) I’ll post a link next week.

  4. Making this with the lime and rum for Easter. Any suggestions for an accompaniment? A coulis? A sorbet? btw – I loved the lime glaze idea and all of your pics look great.

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