P&Q: Apple-Apple Bread Pudding

This one sounds very interesting. Bread pudding always reminds me of Peabody. She adores it. I want to like it. I really do. Maybe this will be the one! Im hopeful. ;)

Make some pudding people…


52 thoughts on “P&Q: Apple-Apple Bread Pudding

  1. This sounds interesting. But I’m confused about what Dorie means when she says to line the pan with the thickness of…something paper towel (too lazy to look up specifics.) This may be a silly question but are we supposed to put actual paper towel into the pan or am I missing something?

    Thanks. ^o^

  2. I just read it…you line the larger roasting pan with paper towels and add water. It keeps the dish of bread pudding from sliding around, I guess.

    Not sure, but why would it matter for it to sit still, is it going to move around in the oven? Hmm, maybe I’m not sure.

  3. I think the paper makes it still so that it doesn’t break moving around I usually do it when sterilizing jam jars too.
    I love the apple apple pudding just overbrowned it under the grill !

  4. I’ve made this one before and the caramelized apples work very well in the bread pudding. it was surprisingly complex. of course, I’m going to have to make bread just for this purpose, as we only have pumpernickel and no-knead rye in the house this week…

  5. YAY!! I am looking forward to making this. I grew up on bread pudding, and my favorite part was the whiskey sauce. So guess what I am going to put on my Apple-Apple Bread Pudding….whiskey sauce, of course :) Makes it yummy. Hopefully, I will be able to maintain my composure and only have one bite :)

  6. This was DELICIOUS!

    I made it a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. It was a big hit with the family. I just dusted mine with powdered sugar. I really liked the way the caramelized apples worked out and the apple butter brings a great complexity to the flavor.

    I would make this again in a heart beat!

    Great pick!

  7. We are making bread pudding for our Sweet Melissa Sunday baking group too. Im not sure if I will do both or pass on one of them. I thought about cutting the recipes in half and trying both. Hmmm what to do!!

  8. how many ramekins would the full recipe make?
    i’m not so sure about this one… will have to see how it turns out :)

  9. I can’t get apple butter here…but I really really like the sound of it so I might have a go at making my own. It is just like a really concentrated form of apple sauce?

  10. This is one of Dorie’s best recipes in the opinion of this bread pudding lover. I made my own cranberry egg bread (easy recipe coming to my blog this Sunday) and used cherry butter (no apples). Also used skim milk in place of whole milk so it wouldn’t be so outrageously rich. Fabulous with Creme Anglaise.

    • Good to know, I wanted to make it lower fat, too, but wasn’t sure. I will for sure. So you just used cream and skim milk? They cancel each other out, right? ;)

  11. This is good (just had a warm piece from the oven.). I
    recommend making it when you have time in the kitchen, foolishly I thought I could hurry and make it before dinner (Mr. wanted to take me to Home Depot after dinner)…but we ended up having leftovers ’cause this had so many steps. I ended up leaving it to soak up in the fridge while we were gone and baked it when we got home. I made my first Challah loaf for this.

    It doesn’t say, do we store it in the fridge? I’d think so ’cause of the custard. I just have to wait for it to cool enough.

    • I kept it in the fridge until it was ready to serve. It’s really good drizzled with some maple sypup and warmed up in the microwave for a few seconds.

  12. Maybe an odd question – but I thought apple butter is butter with apple-flavour. But if you make it on the basis of apple-sauce, I guess I am wrong…
    And is apple-sauce like thick apple juice?
    Sorry, but not living in an english speaking country, I have heard of neither of them before

    • Apple sauce is made by cooking apples and usually some spices (like cinnamon or cloves) until the apples are soft, then they can be mashed to make chunky apple sauce or pureed to make smooth apple sauce.

      Apple butter is similar to jam or fruit preserves: it’s a concentrated spread made from cooking down the fruit for long periods of time. That’s why you can make apple butter from apple sauce: apple sauce is just cooked apples, so if you cook it longer and with more sugar, it gets thicker and eventually is more like a jam.

    • Alvarosa, apple butter is like Pflaumenmus, but made with apples. I wanted to use Pflaumenmus for this bread pudding, but couldn’t get any nice fresh plums for the filling. I’ll definitely try it this way in the summer.

  13. I made this with rhubarb, and it was fantastic! I reduced some sweetened stewed rhubarb until it was very dark and thick, like apple butter, and filled it with roasted rhubarb. I used cardamom and vanilla to season it, and wow! No need for dinner now…

  14. I just used all whole milk instead of the cream and it was delicious. I’m sure 2 percent would have worked, too, but that’s what I had on hand.

    Still plenty rich and delicious!

    Oh, and next time I’ll make more apples. Yum!!!

  15. Ok, so I’m going to try and make the apple butter today. I bought some brioche (I was feeling too lazy to make my own) but my kids have eaten it all!

    Just a question about making brioche in a Kitchenaid…I have a KA Classic, not the artisian kind…would I be safe to make Dorie’s brioche recipe? I’ve never made bread dough in my KA before and I don’t want to burn out the motor!

  16. Yikes, I hate to pass two weeks in a row, but I’m the only one here that likes bread pudding. On top of that, my son totaled his car on Wednesday and has a collapsed lung, so I’ll be going back to the doc this week for follow ups. I think I’ll have to pass :(

  17. i skipped last week because i was out of town for work and was thinking about skipping this week because I do not like bread pudding at all, but after reading the comments about how good it apparently is, i think i’ll give it a try, but plan on cutting it back by at least half-even my friends are getting tired of being force fed desserts every week-a sure sign to scale it back a bit!

  18. I made this last winter for friends who regularly come over for home-made soup, fresh bread, and yummy desserts. The bread pudding was fantastic! Even people who claimed they did not like bread pudding ate this up and asked for more. It does take a while, but I found it very satisfying to give the bread “the back of the spoon treatment”.

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