P&Q: Banana Coconut Ice Cream Pie

Its almost summer, in Pennsylvania anyway. If the rain would stop, this pie would be perfect for a Saturday after soccer. :)

Let the pies begin!

49 thoughts on “P&Q: Banana Coconut Ice Cream Pie

  1. Mmm, love pina coladas, but I think I’m going to have to sit this one out. I’m still eating burnt sugar ice cream! That, and I have about a thousand rhubarb recipes to post.
    When will we see June’s recipes?

  2. I know. I picked a recipe with both bananas AND coconut. Sorry. If you like both, I hope you will love the recipe. If not, a few suggestions:
    1. I skipped the layer of banana at the bottom and only put one banana in the ice cream part- still had a strong banana flavor though so unless you are obsessed with banana, you may want to adjust the quantities.
    2. If you don’t like banana at all, go with just ice cream or maybe sub a different fruit or nuts in.
    3. If you don’t like coconut, you are missing out this week. The crust is the star of this dessert. That said, if you twist my arm, I think a graham cracker crust would do nicely.

    Also, I used the cookies Dorie suggested for the crust. Can’t stop eating the rest of the package. ugh.

    • spike–i thought this was terrific! in fact, i assembled it at the same time we made the burnt sugar ice cream, so i split the churned batch in half, and used half for the pie. that ice cream was sooo good with the rum/bananas mixed in.

  3. I left the bananas out entirely and it was great! I made Dorie’s chocolate ganache ice cream. The crust was delicious but very hard to get out of the pie plate. The crust stuck so I chiseled it out. But it was yummy sprinkled on top.

  4. Laurie, I didn’t know you were in PA. That’s where I’m moving! OK, I know it’s a big state. But it will be nice to have a kindred baking spirit somewhere nearby.

    • Yup, we live in Pittsburgh. PA is a big state, but I do not think I know of any other TWD’ers in PA. It will be nice to have a member close! :)

      • any chance we could have some sort of map to show what states we’re in? it might be fun to just know if I’m the only TWD baker in Michigan or if there are others just around the corner. I guess I could just click on everyone’s blogs and find out but it might be fun to see visually where we are all at. love this group. and I also think I will love this pie, when I get around to making it soon!

    • The cookies Dorie recommends are a little bit sturdy than shortbread (at least my shortbread) but still taste pretty buttery. It is still a small amount even with the full recipe so I went ahead and bought them.

      • I haven’t made this yet, but i’m definitely going to used the LU cookies that Dorie recommends. I studied abroad in the city in France where they are made and became addicted to petit ecoliers! So this is a good excuse to eat the leftovers! oh and more practically, I agree with Spike, they are much sturdier/crunchier than homemade shortbread.

  5. I made a bunch of changes to this recipe for a bunch of dietarily-restricted friends, including a gluten-free coconut crust and coconut milk ice cream. It was a huge hit with my tasters. I was sort of glad the crust crumbled a bit because it was my favorite part and I had first dibs on the empty pie plate!

  6. So – are these LU’s supposed to be chocolate covered? My store had several varieties of LU, but they were either covered with milk, dark, or semi chocolate – or oval cookies with chocolate in between. Are these supposed to be all shortbread? I didn’t see any “all shortbread”. (Is it obvious I’ve never purchased a LU before)?

      • I have seen similar cookies in the Latino food section of my supermarket – I forget their name but they come in a round package.

      • Thanks Spike! I’ll check a few more stores tonight – although the chocolate-covered ones DO sound good.

        Jessica – I’ve seen those too, but their name escapes me….! They’re like a round biscuit, right?

      • 2 more stores, no plain LU’s – all chocolate covered. But I did sleeves of “Maria’s” (Gamesa)shortbread/biscuits (in the Latino food section) – for 38 cents each! Not sure how good they are, but at that price, I’ll give it a try!

  7. I’m going to use regular shortbread cookies and will be baking minis. Will make Dorie’s custard recipe as icecream does not travel well. These should be such fun to make.

  8. Apologies, I know this is completely off topic – web surfing leads to that.
    Has anyone bought /tried David Lebovitz’s new book Ready For Dessert? I want to treat myself to a new cookbook. Or any other recommendations?

    • I just bought it recently and have only made one thing from it so far (brownies and they were good), so I can’t really give a thorough, well-tested review. It does seem to be packed with wonderful recipes.

  9. I am going to make this dish tomorrow – with a few changes since my friend HATES bananas – and am wondering if it would look prettier if I added a whipped topping layer? I was thinking of adding it on top of the ice cream, but under the sliced fruit. If so, should I freeze it with the whipped topping or put it on before serving? Can you tell I’ve never made an ice cream pie!

  10. Thanks for all the suggestions. May not put the layer of banana in. Have just made the crust and put it in freezer. It looks amazing!
    BTW is it me or are we missing the schedule for June. Can’t see it anywhere on the site?

  11. I’ve made my crust this morning – I’m a bit worried about how it’s going to work. The first effort seemed too dry as the coconut and butter was beginning to brown slightly, so I have tried again – this time the crust is mushy, although it’s easier to pat into the tartlet pans I am using.

    About how long should I cook the butter/coconut mix if I try a third time?! I would welcome advice please.

  12. I didn’t time mine, but it was a bit on the mushy side, though brown. You freeze it, so it’s really no-fail. And it tastes delicious! I used two bananas and one tablespoon of rum. It gave the ice cream a great undertone of flavour.

  13. We’re eating some right now. Have mixed feelings about it. Froze it for day & overnight. Let it sit out for 20 mins to “thaw” out some, and it was still hard to cut, and my crust stuck to the pie dish. Kinda hard to get a bite since it’s all frozen hard. Love the crust though, may use it for something else another time.

    I think this would be great as a chilled chocolate pudding pie, not frozen.

    • I also sliced bananas to “order” for each slice (since we have leftovers I didn’t want to them to turn ugly) and added whipped cream and sprinkled with additional toasted coconut.

  14. I haven’t been able to make this. We have all been ill here so we haven’t been eating much. I was looking forward to this one as well! Another time though :-)

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  16. My son did a country report at school and had some left over Le Petit Beurre cookies. I didn’t know we had them(my husband gathered the stuff for him since I was out of town) I found them in the pantry and was very happy! Steven said he found them at Fred Meyers.

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