P&Q: White Chocolate Brownies

It’s about FRIGGIN time.

Let’s not waste anymore time. White chocolate up those brownies baby!

PS- I love Marthe. That is all.

60 thoughts on “P&Q: White Chocolate Brownies

  1. I made them yesterday. I cut the recipe in half and baked in an 8×8 dish but had some problems. When I looked at the bottom of the pan, the middle of the brownies looked gooey. So I baked it more–like 30 minutes more and it still has a gooey texture/appearance in the middle. I cut them and started eating them anyways and they were fine. The meringue also just comes clean off the top of the brownie. It didn’t stick at all. I’m not sure what I did wrong there.

    • Mine baked beautifully, top was golden, knife came out dry and the bottom looked uncooked. I made the whole recipe in an 9 inch square and it cooked except for t he bottom in 30 minutes. I put it back for 15 to get the bottom to look cooked.

      I used a different oven than I usually use and I am thinking, it runs hotter than mine.


  2. I made these this morning, and like Kristen, they were very very underdone after 30 minutes. I popped them in for another 10 minutes at 350, and they were better, but certainly could have stayed in another 5-10 minutes. To me, they ended up being more reminiscent of a lemon bar than a brownie. Still – – white chocolate, almond, and raspberry – can’t go too far wrong!!! :)

  3. I made these a while ago and even though I tried very carefully not to smoosh the meringue- it didn’t work. So, I am going to make them again and use a springform pan, so that I don’t have to invert them at all. I think it will work better.

  4. OK, so mine are in the oven still after coming out for a few minutes at the 35 minute mark. The meringue cracked a bit while cooling to reveal brownie ‘goo’ underneath. I wonder if the meringue/brownie batter need to bake longer is a high altitude thing? Anyway, I’m just going to keep eyeballing them at this point and try not to burn the meringue. I’m taking these babies to a bbq tonight so I hope it all works out! :)

    • I was planning on using a sprinform pan too until I remembered that I forgot who has the bottom part of it. Bake ware needs to be initialed just as much as books and dvds. :P

  5. What kind of white chocolate are you all using? I’ve learned that white chips do not work for melting. Do you use a flat bar of white chocolate? Lindt?

    • …about the inverting thing…what if you just use a large piece of parchment in the pan, so you have edges to grab hold of. Then pull the brownies out and cut. Seems better than chancing the meringue.

      • I made a “sling” with parchment paper and it worked perfectly. Didn’t have to invert–just pulled paper off while slipping entire brownie on to serving plate. Thanks for heads up about the fragile meringue.

  6. does anyone know how long do these hold up if you do the meringue? even if i make a quarter recipe, it will still be three days worth of brownies for us, and i’m not sure the meringue will make it. am thinking about making them “naked”

  7. You guys! This was SO good.

    I swear I could eat the entire pan by myself.

    I made them last night and was so worried about how they would turn out. I did mine in the suggested pan and even turned it out onto a silpat afterwards. I was shocked that it didn’t slaughter the meringue.

    I think the key here is to be patient. I let mine cool all the way before turning over. Oh and I did bake mine 10 minutes longer than suggested and I think I could have even gone 5-10 minutes more cause my center needed a bit more time.

    Have fun with these! I think this is one of my favorite recipes from the book.

  8. I made a naked batch & they were in the oven for almost 40 minutes. After cooling/flipping I realized the center still wasn’t finished! We ate around the edges and they were FABULOUS. Definitely going to make them again & leave them in the oven for more time.

  9. Is anybody making these with a fruit other than raspberries? I absolutely love raspberries but they’re still pretty expensive here and they don’t look very good.

    • I made mine with rhubarb, but it was hard to evaluate them. I pulled them out too early, so they were raw in the middle (too difficult to tell doneness w/ the meringue on top). In my brain though, rhubarb’s tartness would help balance the sweetness of white chocolate and meringue…

  10. I’m seriously thinking of rehydrating dried tart cherries (or going fruit-free). $5 is highway robbery for a pint of raspberries. Berries (of any kind) are just not on sale this week – at any store. For some reason though, all the white chocolate bars are on sale. What’s up with that…

  11. Anyone subbing out the ground almonds? I’d like to serve these to a person who doesn’t eat nuts. Should I just put in an equivalent amount of flour and hope for the best?

  12. I made half a recipe exactly as written (that’s new for me). The meringue does hide how much the brownies are baked and mine are WAY underbaked with the specified time, didn’t know until cooling and cutting them. My meringue baked very puffy and rounded. Wish I would have baked them a lot longer. Sigh. Live and learn. I just kept being afraid of finding burned meringue, guess that’s not too likely with the low oven temp.
    Raspberries were on sale here for the holiday weekend. 3 pints for $5.
    While they taste ok (edges only, the middle is not even edible), I’ll probably not make them again.
    I need real chocolate! ;)

  13. I wonder what would happen if the brownies were baked without the meringue. Then once they were done, a layer of meringue was added to the top and then browned (under a watchful eye) under the broiler.

    You know, sort of like how you do with lemon meringue pie.


  14. I was thinking the same thing Jacque.

    I’m off to grocery shop so I will actually get these made before Tuesday. I’ve missed the last few weeks, which is unusual for me :(

  15. I’ve got what might be a silly question. How are you all grinding your almonds? I’ve put them in a food processor before, but got almond butter. What am I doing wrong?
    I’m also thinking of using blackberries and lemon zest instead of raspberries and orange. What do you think?

  16. I really wanted these to work, but my first batch came out a disaster: the brownies were still gooey and undercooked (to my opinion) after an extra 40 minutes in the oven and the meringue was overcooked and too chewwy.

    Going to give it a second try tonight: will be using blueberries instead, ’cause I’m out of raspberries now. Am thinking of baking the brownies untill they’re done and then topping them with the meringue as suggested by Jacque

  17. Mine are in the oven now. You’ve all got me scared about how they’re going to turn out. I used a 9×13 pan so the layer of batter is pretty thing.

  18. I haven’t blogged yet, but I baked these suckers for an extra 20 minutes and still got a raw middle. After I cut them, I put the middle part back in the oven for another 30 minutes – still the same texture. Any ideas? Different turnouts?

  19. My question is: do you measure 1/2 a cup almonds before or after grinding? I uses a coffee grinder and got a perfect consistency but ground was over half a cup.
    I baked mine for an extra ten minutes and they were very moist but not underdone.

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