P&Q: Raisin Swirl Bread

I am super stoked about this one. I love making bread. The smell of bread baking in the oven is a wonderful thing. I wish I did it more often.

I know yeasted recipes have way more questions, concerns, issues. Lets have ’em.

35 thoughts on “P&Q: Raisin Swirl Bread

  1. This was so good! I skipped the raisins and when it came out of the oven, I brushed it with butter and rolled it in cinnamon sugar a la The Bread Baker’s Apprentice recipe. It was delicious.

  2. This was the most lovely dough to work with, smooth and satiny. It rose beautifully, too, picture-perfect. I included all the extras — orange zest, nutmeg — and substituted chocolate chips for the raisins.

    There was no time for this bread to get stale, as it disappeared way too quickly. I’m thinking of making it again this coming weekend.

      • I only had regular sized chips, and they worked fine, but if you have minis I would go for it. I debated sprinkling on some mini capuccino chips. May do that for the second loaf.

    • Beth, it’s not scary – I mean, if you fear yeast, that’d put it at a 2 or 3 but still way easier than, say, the brioche in her book. Since it’s enriched, it rises really well too – no doorstops or hockey pucks! Good luck, and have fun!

      • Okay, well I tried the brioche for that fruit/brioche tart a while ago and that turned out okay. (If you count me yelling at the dough and aggressively punching it down as “okay”).

        IthinkIcan, IthinkIcan, IthinkIcan…

  3. Can’t say enough! This was my first “rolled” loaf of bread. I’m surprised at how easy it turned out to be! I just made a second loaf last night – I gave 1/2 of the first loaf to my folks and they are screaming for more. I added all the “extras” except the orange zest (didn’t have any). I soaked both golden and dark raisins in 2 tsps rum to plump them up. Definitely recommend using the 2 tsp of cocoa (it enhances the cinnamon) – rather than ‘taste like chocolate’. Kind of like what a little espresso powder does for a chocolate recipe. I baked it until it reached 185-190 on an instant read – and it was better the next day – and the day after, etc!

  4. i won’t be able to post next week (horrors!)…i’m going out of town on friday on an unexpected trip, so i won’t be able to make this for our weekend breakfast. my apologies to susan, but i will put it tops on my list for when i come back.

  5. Am I reading the recipe correctly, I don’t see anything about ‘punching’ out the dough. I’m new to the world of breads so I’m not sure if that’s an automatic step which doesn’t even require mentioning. :P


    • When you remove the risen dough from the bowl to the plastic wrap, it will automatically deflate somewhat. Thirty minutes in the freezer and it will be easier to roll out.

      ‘Punching’ is really a misnomer — you want to be gentle not violent with any bread dough.

  6. Loved this bread! Very easy and very delicious! I wish I made 2 loaves because the first is almost gone!

  7. I loved the taste and texture of this bread, but I had a bit of a problem with the structure. When I sliced the bread, at least half of the raisins fell out and the slices nearly fell apart where the raisins had been. I think that there was just too many raisins stuffed in there for my loaf.

    • I actually mixed the raisins into the dough itself, before the first rise. Then I just sprinkled the rolled out dough with cinnamon sugar for the swirl.

  8. Bread is made. This one with whiskied raisins. Tomorrow, I am going to make a loaf for Liam with chocolate chips. I havent sliced it yet, but it looks perfect. So excited to have it for toast in the morning!

  9. I couldn’t decide what variation of this I wanted to try so there are now 3 different batches of dough in my fridge waiting to be baked tomorrow morning.

  10. I made this bread while helping my daughter after her surgery. She does not have a KA mixer, but it turned out ofine and tasted delicious toasted. The grandsons loved it. I will be making this again.

  11. Made it and it’s soooo goooood! I think I’m going to have toast for dessert tonight after dinner!
    Never fear, to those timid of the yeast recipes–if I didn’t screw it up, it means it’s VERY goof-proof!!

  12. Mine is almost ready to bake…but I have a question. When you put the rolled up dough in the pan, did you have a lot of extra dough to tuck under the loaf? I do, so I hope it bakes up ok. lol
    (I’m running into the evening light, so I may have to do pics tomorrow, it’s been a busy week/day)

  13. Wow, this was my first bread! I was kind of dreading it because my ‘Tender’ shortcakes turned out not so tender. But this was pretty easy, the KA hook is a wonderful thing! I just put it in the oven and since it’s already past my bed time, it’ll probably be a late post tomorrow!

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