Let’s talk TWD 2.0

I have a zillion ideas for TWD 2.0. I’d like to get a jump on getting a blog started for the new group, even if it wont launch till later this year. I want all the ducks in a row so to speak.

First, I’d like to hear from you. The members are what make the group so special. This is your chance to tell me what you like about TWD, what you may not like, etc…

My thought is that I’d like TWD 2.0 for Around My French Table to be a little more laid back. It has more recipes than BFMHTY… Think about that… I KNOW! That’s a lot of recipes! Do you think the new group should be a weekly group?  If you are a member of TWD and join the new group, will you be able to handle 2 recipes a week? (Edited to add: Meaning one recipe from BFMHTY and one from AMFT. Not 2 recipes from AMFT per week.) Do you think the rules should be a little more lax?

What should we call this spin-off?? Suggestions welcome.

Let me hear it. All the nitty gritty. Let it fly.

xo Laurie

77 thoughts on “Let’s talk TWD 2.0

    • Krista- TWD 2.0 will be its own group. It will be taking new members after the book is released this fall. Details will be posted here when the time comes. :)

  1. I think the rules should be the same – 1x’s a week, at least 2x’s out of the month. I don’t think I could handle 2x’s a week!

    But I’m super excited about this one.

    • Beth- I meant, if you are a member of BFMHTY and AMFT, it would be 2 recipes a week. Would that be too much? Thanks for chiming in!

  2. I was part of Tuesdays with Dorie, but had to drop out because it was too time-consuming, too expensive and too fattening to do do a recipe a week.

    I would like to join this group, but definitely not at two recipes a week – I wouldn’t even be able to join at one recipe a week.

    I like the idea of 2x/month.

    • I meant if you were a current member of TWD, it would end up being one recipe from BFMHTY and one from AMFT. Not 2 recipes from AMFT.

  3. I think that it would be great if the AMFT would be twice a month.

    Because if you have people doing both, 4 times a month for TWD and 4 times a month for AMFT would just be almost insane…

  4. I think that weekly for AMFT would be fine. Not all of the recipes are desserts, and I think it would be easy enough to fit it into a weekly meal plan. I think that the option to only make two recipes a month is helpful. Having said that, if it was twice a month, I think more people might be encouraged to join.

  5. I would love to join when you launch the site for AMFT. I recently bowed out of this (BFMHTY) site because I had too much going on (for me) and I think I was getting a little tired of desserts. Twice a month would be lovely, though since it won’t always be a dessert, I would probably be inclined to participate more than that.

    Just my two cents.

  6. AH, okay I get it now…
    So TWD recipe every Tuesday and French Table recipe every Thursday (for example).
    = 2 recipes/week
    = 8 recipes/month

    How many would we be required to do? Same as TWD? So, technically, it would be at least 1x/week.

    I can see myself getting overwhelmed with a recipe every week (esp w/baby on the way), but I can’t speak for others!

  7. On the one hand, twice a month seems a lot more manageable, but on the other hand at that pace it will take *forever* to cook through the book. So on balance I’d vote for weekly again.

    That being said, however, before that group starts, I’m going to give myself a stern talking-to so that I don’t get obsessed (again) with 100% participation. I’m a lot more choosy with the savory food I eat than I am with sweets, and it’s a lot harder to fob off parts of meals than treats.

  8. Not sure how the book is laid out but what about picking 3 or 4 recipes from each course? You could do it as one post for one meal using all 3 courses or you could post weekly, one recipe at a time. I think flexibility here is key.

  9. I think the options added by having savory recipes would make it easy to fit another weekly recipe into my routine. I am getting worried that my blog is all baking groups, though, so I might do combined posts or something…

  10. i really want to join, but as a vegetarian i’m worried that there might be many weeks when i couldn’t cook. might there be a way to give a veg option? (either that, or i give those weeks to my bf, who is not veg and is just learning to cook! :))

    i’m cool with once a week or twice a month, whichever the group decides is best. flexibility is awesome.

  11. I think the pace set with the group currently (weekly, with at least 2x/month participation) works well.

    The only thing I’d change is being a little more lenient on doing rewinds if a particular recipe doesn’t work for you for some reason. I have a big backlog of BFMHTY rewinds I’d like to do but I don’t feel right doing them in place of a chosen recipe. But I’ll still participate no matter what the rules are!

  12. Considering my budget and waistline I don’t think I could handle more than 2x a month!

    That being said, maybe if the rules were relaxed so we could cook weekly or fortnightly that would work? I also like Jacque’s idea of 2x a month until we finish BFMHTY.

  13. Even if TWD had been open for membership by the time I discovered it, I probably would not have participated because I try to eat very little sugar (in whatever form). I love the idea of having more types of recipes available and would love to participate in AMFT. Having a bit more flexibility (for example, picking a dish that can be converted to vegetarian, or offering your choice of 2-3 recipes) would make it easier to keep up with a weekly schedule. Also, if you offer more than one recipe at a time (whether the interval is weekly or biweekly), it allows you to move more quickly through a large cookbook so it wouldn’t take forever to finish it! Someone mentioned Thursday as a possible day, which would be nice–but at least not on a Tuesday so it has a completely separate identity!

  14. I really like Beryl’s idea. Set a monthly menu with 4 dishes, from a variety of chapters in the book, and we can choose to make at least 2 and all 4 if we want. They could be posted weekly, or even the whole menu once a month.
    I don’t think I could manage another weekly post. I just don’t eat that much savoury food!

  15. I really like the ideas that go for 2x a month, or pick a menu for the month (4 recipes). I have a really hard time doing 4x a month of desserts as it is, but savory food would be somewhat easier and diet fitting hopefully.

    As for a day of the week, Mondays or Thursdays would probably be good. I would probably serve that type of food on a Sunday or Saturday, but weekends can be busy for blogging.

  16. I like weekly with the 2x/month option that we have now. I’m with Nancy, baked goods are much easier to give away, but savory dishes = dinner.

    I hate to be practical, but if we make the group 2x/month, it will take forever to get through the book, and Dorie probably will write another one that we will want to blog through. So I suggest we stick with weekly with the 2x/month requirement, with someone picking each week’s recipe. If some members only want a 2x/month group, they only have to participate twice per month, and they can pick the two they make. Sorry but I’m not a fan of the menu concept. But I agree that rewinds are good and would like to suggest a “bonus” post of a rewind once per month, maybe on a different day, that those who want can post a recipe they didn’t make that was already picked by the group.

    One more suggestion…maybe Dorie would share one recipe from the book in advance so we could do that recipe and post it on the launch day for the book? It would feel so special to be able to support her book since she has been so wonderful with supporting TWD.

  17. Keep TWD as is. Requirments/etc

    For 2.0 I suggest…
    – post recipes like we do now. 4 recipes per month.

    – flexible with what folks want to cook out of those 4. They can do all 4, they can do 1, 2 or 3

    – no requirements…you do what you want to do.

    – make blog post for questions for each recipe as we do TWD
    – make a LYL post for each separate recipe

    – b/c no participation requirements, the participation will vary. This means the blog roll would get unruly….

    – therefore, no need for a permanent blog roll. Instead, just do LYL post for each recipe that month.

    – That way folks who made the recipe can find others who did–they can discuss issues on the problem/question post…

    No tracking how many per month..just a fun “hey if you want to cook along, here are the 4 recipes per month.”

    The only thing I haven’t worked out is how/who picks the recipes…maybe those who post in LYL can be a potential selector for a recipe in the next month…

  18. I think the same rules would be fine, but I think that membership in the group should be limited from the beginning. One of the problems for me is that when a group gets really large, I simply don’t have the time to check out what everyone has done.

  19. Be still my heart-I missed joining TWD-you closed participation just when I discoverd you-can there be a remote possibility that I could join Around My French Table !! I will be anxiously watching !

  20. I would like it to be similar to the current TWD in the sense that we do one recipe per week and only have to complete 2/4 per month. I am worried that if we have only 2 recipes a month, we will be working on the book FOREVER and never finish! I love TWD and I am excited for the next group to begin!

  21. I like Beryl’s idea…as a vegetarian I would be worried that I wouldn’t be able to participate enough to join. However, if there were 3-4 different course options per month that could be posted separately or at once, then there’s probably going to be at least 1 or 2 that are veggie-friendly.

    It would be harder to keep up with who is posting when though, and viewing others and commenting is one of the best parts of twd…

  22. My vote is for 1 recipe for week with the rules being the same as they are now. I really like how we all bake the same thing every week and can compare notes.

    Can’t wait for the new book!

  23. Generally the same ingredients are used in a dessert book, so members who join know what they are getting into (except for the occasional coconut-hater or someone who doesn’t drink alcohol).

    A savory book has many more options in it, so it is difficult to work with the various needs of the group, so I can see that this will be tricky to keep everyone happy.

    I like the once a week recipe with 2x a month participation – that would give people some flexibility in what they can make. Dorie is so good at offering variations of things in the baking book, do we know if she’s done that in this new book? Also, if there are requirements for participation maybe we can all fess up to what our food restrictions are early (mine is chicken) so that we get an automatic pass that week (keeping the mail volume down in the “excuse” mailbox). Or maybe there is a bonus selection that can be substituted if necessary.

    I also vote that they day of posting to be something other than Tuesday.

    And I really like Leslie’s idea that we ask super nice (with a pretty please if needed) to get a recipe to kick off the book’s release.

    Looking forward to this group – sounds like fun!

  24. Has anyone heard anything about the recipes that will be in the book? I’d love to be in a non-dessert group, but I don’t eat a lot of meat dishes, so I’m not sure if I’d be able to meet the requirements. Maybe when the date gets closer, we’ll have a preview of the table of contents.

    • Jill- While there are some desserts in it, its mostly a savory meal cookbook. I have not seen it however, so I cant say how many dishes would appeal to vegetarians.

  25. Laurie,

    I’m excited about a Dorie book that is more savory. After having my daughter, I just couldn’t do all those desserts, even though I LOVED them. But savory could just make me dust off my apron and go for it. I think 1x a week is perfect (especially if you continue with the requirement of 2x a month minimum).

    Can old (booted) TWD’ers play?


  26. I’m excited to join. I was sad that this group was closed when I found it, but I think my waistline appreciated it. I don’t think I could handle all the goodies in house- I’d eat them! I’m excited to join a savory group. I agree- 1/week with 2/month. I like the idea of being able to do a “bonus” or “rewind” meal in place of week in case the choices don’t appeal. I also think another day of the week makes sense. Otherwise for those in both groups, they’ll have to post on the same day.

  27. I like the idea of occasionally cooking a savory meal but I don’t think I would participate in a group. I just don’t do much cooking and it’s no fun cooking for oneself anyway.

  28. I like the rules we have now and think they would work for the new group. 4 recipes a month… have to make at least 2. I can’t wait for the new group!!!!

  29. I’m all for attempting four recipes per month.

    Is there any way to have each month’s recipes use overlapping ingredients? For instance, I don’t want to buy a fennel bulb (or jar of roe or whatever) or something I don’t typically use and have half of it sit around in my fridge.

    • That makes a lot of sense–if there are many of these types of ingredients, it may take some planning. Say someone picks a recipe requiring half of a fennel bulb, it may need to be “moderator’s prerogative” to swipe one of the choices and make sure something else calling for fennel is included in that month. (Maybe the bumped person’s pick can be an alternate for the month?)

  30. I like the 2x/month idea. It’s got savory recipes in it, too, right? So it wouldn’t be constant goodies (not that I have a problem with that), but between BFMHTY and my own baking and blogging, sometimes it would be too much, but throw something savory I need to make for dinner in there and I’m all for that.

  31. I like the 2x a month or the 4 recipe monthly meal plan idea. I think it would be fun to do a complete Dorie meal!

    I think we should be a little more flexible with the recipes, just considering vegetarian diets and savory recipes that some people don’t favor. Though I can’t imagine not liking any of Dorie’s new recipes!

  32. I vote to keep it simple. Same recipe once a week–participate at least twice a month. Things get too complicated when everybody doesn’t cook the same thing. It’s not near as much fun to look at recipes you haven’t made yourself that week or are making things that have already been circulating in the group for awhile. And then there is the problem of when the host should post so we have a good link for the recipes. We’ve seen that with the holiday switch-ups.

    Make it easy on yourself Laurie or you won’t want to do it for long.

  33. I think we should stick to weekly recipes, with twice a month participation. That way we could bake one week and make dinner the next! Just tossing this out there, but since so many are vegetarians, what if we chose two recipes per week and we had the option to choose one or the other? Would that be too confusing? We certainly would get through the book faster! I’m up for whatever the group decides! I am excited about cooking some new Dorie recipes!

  34. I would love to be a part of “AMFT”-but I think I could only handle doing twice a month. I’m excited about the new group!!!!

    Even though “Amuse Bouche” is the French term for Hors D’oeuvres, it might be a cool name for the spin off.

  35. I vote to keep it like TWD. Same recipe once a week with participation at least twice a month. I am excited about this and hope the current members have first chance at signing up. Also, I agree with some others that the group should be limited in number. If it is too large, it is hard to keep up with other members. I have pre-ordered my copy. Thanks Laurie.

  36. Ciao ! I’d love to join the new group but as most of us would feel more relaxed if we would could keep the 4 a month pace with the ‘at least 2 per month requirement’. Would love the vegetarian option !

  37. My thoughts follow along the “four recipes a month, one a week…with the 2 times a month requirement for group participation.” One item a week doesn’t seem too taxing and would ensure a more steady progression through the book. Thanks for all you do, btw, looking forward to this one.

  38. My head is spinning reading all these comments and terrific suggestions. Thank goodness it’s Laurie and not me who’s organizing this. If I were in charge, we’d never get this sorted out.

    I love that you want to have a recipe ready-to-go when the book launches. Since I’m not allowed to give out recipes pre-publication, I wrote to my editor to get permission and she said, “Oui!” and “How great!” And I say, “Merci!”

    About the book. There are more than 300 recipes (about 60 are desserts) and they cover the range from little nibbles, like spiced nuts and herbed olives, to ‘real’ main courses, like beef daube, chicken-in-a-pot (on the book’s cover), spice-crusted tuna, lamb tagine with apricots and almonds, vegetable pot-au-feu, linguine with nuts and dried fruit, shrimp with cellophane noodles and Parisian gnocchi. In between, there are soups and salads (there’s a fabulous all-white salad made with mushrooms, celery, apples and a yogurt dressing) and vegetables and first courses of all kinds. In short, it’s a soup-to-nuts, as well as a meat and fish and pasta to cake cookbook with lots of stories and absolutely gorgeous pictures.

    The recipes come from my ‘other’ life, the one in France, so it’s the food that I cook at home in Paris and the food my friends cook. There are recipes from all over France, some from chefs at simple bistros, some from people at the markets I love. I think you’ll be surprised at how straightforward the majority of the recipes are. And I hope you’ll like the mix: there are traditional recipes, for sure, but there are lots and lots of modern and very surprising recipes, for example, a Basque tortilla (think frittata or omelet) made with potato chips, a fabulous spread made with canned tuna and “cookies” that are rolled out like pie dough, baked in one raggedy-edge piece and then brought to the table that way, so that everyone can break off a hunk.

    I’m really excited about this book — as if you couldn’t tell — and I’m thrilled that you want to cook through it.

    Scream if there’s anything else I can tell you about it.

  39. I vote keeping the rules the same: 4x’s per month (2x’s mandatory)

    Maybe keep the group to a strict number of members (maybe even less that TWD to keep it less frantic and give you less people to check up on)

    I think that existing, participating TWDers should get first dibs in joining 2.0

    I’m thinking post day could be… Fridays aaaand name the group….. Fridays in Paris with Dorie ;)

  40. I think the current format works well. I probably won’t be able to cook along every single week, but twice a month participation is fine. I can’t wait for the new book!

  41. I don’t think, I could pull off more than twice a month or every second week. The problem is more the eating than the baking or cooking but time is a factor also.

    For the people who are worried about the meat, I am not a vegetarian but I am kosher and I have worked around a lot of recipes turning them into a meatless meal. Not the same recipe but it is fun.

    I have two restrictions – hubby is celiac and kosher and I have managed, with some practice. I have a feeling we can do it. (We also eat little meat but we do eat it and certainly have fish.)

  42. In all fairness, I understand offering first chance to TWD participants. I even agree with it. Still, I’d hate to think that it might fill up before those of us peeking in the window (followers who found you just after the group closed and/or previous TWD’ers) get a chance to join!

  43. I am not a member but would LOVE to join when the group reopens!! This sounds like so much fun and what a great concept!! I’ll be checking back frequently to stay up on things!

  44. 1. I love the idea of having a recipe to cook the day the book is release, even if it’s not the regular day to cook.

    2. I think Thursday’s are a great day to post, doesn’t mean you have to make it Thursday, I hardly ever bake my TWD on Tuesday

    3. The rules should stay the same, 4 a month required to cook at least 2, those of us in TWD and 2.0 can alternate weeks if need be.

    4. Over 300 recipes, maybe only 300 members?

    5. Maybe the first blogger of the month gets to pick a common ingredient in some of the recipes….i.e if in the index there’s a “Saffron” section with 4 recipes, those need to be the recipes for the month. I don’t want to buy saffron (which is expensive) and only use it once, and then it sit for who knows how long.

    6. TWD bakers get an automatic entry into 2.0, if they want to join that it. Also, I think at the time (or a month before) maybe Laurie or some other volunteer could go through all blogs, and if you haven’t participated 2x a month for TWD in the last 3 months, you don’t get an automatic entry into 2.0.

    Just my thoughts….

    BUT, I’m up for whatever, I can’t wait to get this started, my husbands going to be in heaven, he loves a good meal, not much of a sweet eater, so this is going to be great for his stomach.

    • Love the idea of selecting an ingredient! Again, I definitely understand giving priority to current TWD bakers, as well as limiting the number of participants…but at the same time, I really want to join! Hopefully there is a way to make everyone happy on this without sending the moderator over the edge of sanity… ;-)

  45. I’m so excited about cooking through the new book, I’ve had it on preorder for a while and can’t wait until it is released.

    I like the one recipe a week just like we’ve been doing with TWD.

    Thanks so much for the in-depth description, Dorie! The linguine with nuts and dried fruits sounds divine!

  46. Thank you, Dorie, for getting permission for us to have a recipe ready-to-go when the book launches! I am so excited about your new book!

    Here are my thoughts about the new group:

    *I like the name Fridays in Paris with Dorie. :)
    *I think the participation rules should stay the same.
    *If you are a vegetarian, you’ll probably just have to modify or skip certain recipes just like people with other dietary restrictions (like myself) do. Just make that a part of your post.
    *Maybe those who volunteered to help you with the new group could take turns being in charge of choosing the recipes (they would have to participate at least twice a month). That way you would not have to worry about capping the group or keeping track hundreds of people to see if they have participated at least twice a month. Everyone who participates should LYL like we do now. (After you created LYL I basically stopped clicking on the blogroll.)

  47. Oh wow, this is all so exciting! I haven’t stopped thinking about Dorie’s new book in months! I love how simple she makes things- something tells me I won’t be so intimidated to try French cooking now!

    Personally, I don’t see why there should be a limit to members. Is a blog roll totally necessary if we just keep the LYL idea around? I think there will be so many people who will want to join- I hate the idea that some might miss out who really want to participate!

    Oh, and I love the “Fridays in Paris with Dorie” idea- super cute!

  48. I’d love to be a part of this! I love to cook and am just starting to become near obsessed with cooking and baking and decorating cakes! Let me know if you’d be interested in a new member and if so…Yay!

  49. I’m a previous TWD baker who got the boot for non-participation. At the time, life became more complicated and keeping up with the group was overwhelming for me. Things have settled back down and I would love to participate in the new group! I’m especially excited about the savory dishes! For what it’s worth:

    *I think you should keep the rules and guidelines the same. If it’s been working for you, as a group, then you shouldn’t change it. And for those who would rather cook twice a month, they still can without breaking the rules.

    *I hope you will leave sign ups open for everyone. Maybe you could ask for more help in managing it all? Each person helping could manage a certain number of blogs. I would be willing to help out! It would be sad for those who never got to participate in TWD at all and wanted to, to not have a chance with the new group.

    *Maybe there could be a “vegetarian option” recipe on weeks that a meat dish is chosen.

    *I also love the name “Fridays in Paris with Dorie”!

  50. I can do this! Only a portion of the recipes are desserts – definitely can participate. I have missed cooking Dorie!
    It comes out here on the 10th, and I will order it then. (and the new paperback version of Ratio comes out here the same day..)
    Can’t wait!

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