July Recipes

July 6, 2010– Dharmagirl of bliss: towards a delicious life chose Tarte Noire on page 351.

July 13, 2010– Karen of Welcome to our Crazy Blessed Life selected Brrrr-ownies on page 103.

July 20, 2010– Kimberly of Only Creative Opportunities decided on Lot’s of Ways of Banana Cake on pages 204 and 205.

July 27, 2010– Nicole of Cookies on Friday picked Chewy, Chunky Blondies on page 109.

*I will be going on vacation for the next several weeks. Hurray! If you email me and do not receive a speedy response, please be patient. I will reply to email in the sparse online time I have. -LW


16 thoughts on “July Recipes

  1. Fun picks! I hope to get some made, but I am moving all my stuff into storage on Monday, and working in Toronto for July. I hope to be settled into a new place by September, but baking is going to be a challenge!

  2. I made the Brrrr-ownies with my sister one snacky night and we didn’t have the peppermint candies to put in them so we just used some extract until the batter was nice and minty. This is by FAR one of my favorite brownie recipes! Just be sure to put a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or mint chocolate chip) on top. :)

  3. These are such wonderful choices! I am especially excited about the banana cake and the brrownies. Of course, I love blondies and the Tarte Noire sounds SO decadent!!!!

  4. I’ve actually only made blondies once before, so that will be a fun one for me. And you definitely can’t go wrong with banana cake, brownies, and chocolate decadence!

  5. YAY, Blondies!! They were the first Dorie recipe I ever made and they are amazing! (Doing a happy dance here!) :-)

    I’ve wanted to make the brrrownies for so long now. Can’t wait! :-)

  6. These all look amazing! I’ve been waiting for the Brrrr-ownies!

    Random question — how do I email LW? I’ve been searching around the site and can’t seem to figure it out! Thanks!

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