LYL: [Dressy Chocolate Loafcake]

Sorry, sorry, sorry! I knew I was forgetting something. Im on vacation, cut me some slack, mmkay?

Leave the links, yo.

78 thoughts on “LYL: [Dressy Chocolate Loafcake]

  1. I made this cake as a traditional (circle) sponge cake and put the jam and whipped cream in the middle. I then used the chocolate sour cream frosting on the top only. It was kind of a chocolate version of the English Victoria Sandwich. However, huge disaster in that my pics didn’t come out! Completely out of focus. Don’t know what happened except taking them in rush as taking cake to friend’s and late etc etc! Anyway, that’s my excuse. Enjoyed making it and have had a look at some of yours. Love everyone’s different take. Thanks!

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