P&Q: Chewy, Chunky Blondies

I love these! So much easier than making sheets of cookies, too.

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47 thoughts on “P&Q: Chewy, Chunky Blondies

  1. I just took these out of the oven minutes ago and my kids and I thoroughly enjoyed putting the dough/batter together right before I fed them lunch. I did half with walnuts since we’re not huge nuts-in-baked-goods fans, but I figured it was worth trying. :) I can’t wait to eat some and then get rid of them so I don’t eat any more!

  2. These really are great. They are basically a suped up chocolate chip cookie in delicious bar form. I kept the coconut to a minimum and added 2 TBSP of bourbon as I made these for a party. They were all gone by the nights end.

    These did take a bit longer in the over that stated. Took me about 10 extra minutes (I’m guessing cus of the booze). deliciously slightly crisp top, warm chewy center.

  3. Unless you want to spend a day filled with regret and misplaced exercising, don’t try these while they’re still warm from the oven…1/4 of the pan just disappears before you even realize what just happened.

  4. These are unbelievably good as written. But Caitlin’s idea of cappuccino chips and espresso powder makes me feel an immediate need to go make more. Right now.

  5. I will just say it now, I am Blondie challenged…..Two failed batches, that is 1 pound of butter!
    I even e-mailed Dorie, she kindly responded but has no experience with high altitude baking.
    I adjusted for altitude by increasing the oven temp, decreasing the baking time. Decreasing baking soda and powder and increasing liquid.
    The come out flat and greasy, nothing like the photo in the cookbook.
    Any other bakers live over 4000 feet?
    I need a treat to take to a farewell party, I can’t take another failure today so I will bake something tried and true.
    I have been baking for 40 years, I really would like to perfect a blondie–they look so good.
    Thanks for providing me a place to rant.
    Any suggestions??

    • Do you have a high altitude baking book, like Pie in the Sky? If there’s no blondie recipe in it, there will at least be a chocolate chip cookie recipe, and you should be able to adapt that to blondies.

      • This is the information I used. Thanks!
        I will have to get the Pie in the Sky cookbook. Sounds like it could be helpful. I can usually adjust a bit and make things work but Blondies have stumped me for years. I wonder if Alton Brown has any suggestions?

    • I live at over 5,000 feet, and lived over 8,000 feet for a couple of years. The only recipe that has ever required modification is the Original Nestle Tollhouse Cookies. I need to use some shortening in place of some of the butter or they spread too thin. However, I have another chocolate chip cookie recipe that turns out fine with all butter.

      So, I would bake them as written and see how they come out.

  6. I plan to bake these this weekend, and would love to start on the next week’s recipe, too. I know you’ve been very busy Laurie, but any chance of the August recipes being posted?

  7. I’m afraid these may be under baked; after 10 extra minutes in the oven the top and edges were getting too dark for my tastes (I did tent foil over the top during the extra bake time) but the knife didn’t come out clean and I detected a slight jiggle when pulling them out.

    Personally I don’t mind my blondies a bit under done, but I don’t feel right about sharing when they aren’t baked properly.

  8. I baked mine about an extra 15 minutes and the middle was still moist. I used peanut butter chips instead of the Heath bits. My oven is accurate, so I am not sure what was the problem. Delicious though!

  9. I’m afraid to cut mine. An extra 10min in the oven and the knife still had “moist crumbs” attached – or were those maybe melted toffee/butterscotch chips? I did find these nifty “mini” butterscotch chips at the market (have only seen chocolate). If anything, they “look” great uncut!

  10. Mine tested done so I removed them from the oven and stuck them on the cooking rack. Fifteen minutes later I came back to turn them out of the pan per Dorie’s instructions and they’d completely collapsed in the middle. I suspect they were probably underbaked. Oh well, they’ll still get eaten, but they’re not the nicest looking blondies…

      • Tracey – mine were still a little gooey after baking an additional 10 minutes. My 3-inch high blondies became 1 1/2″ after cooling. Definitely a “fudgy” brownie (at least mine were). Tastes great though (needs a scoop of ice cream)!

  11. Just ate my first sample; may have to try another one. They turned out perfectly, and I only had to bake them about 4 minutes longer than required. I certainly will be baking them again and trying different flavor combinations.

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  13. I just put mine in oven and stopped by for a visit to check with you wonderful baker friends to find out how long you baked.
    Well, guess I’ll wait and watch. Seems like there are some variances. Thanks
    Happy Baking.

  14. I think mine are going for the record for baking time! I’ve pulled them out at 40, 45, and 55 minutes. When the clock strikes 60 minutes they are coming out, ready or not (it’s time for me to hit the hay!).

  15. I made these and was surprised that I liked them, since I don’t usually care for blondies. Just in case I did like them, I made a half batch. I had an airport ordeal that I talk about, so my photo will be going up today.

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