P&Q: Tarte Fine

This starts apple season! YAY! I am so stoked about all the upcoming recipes. Its going to be a very sweet fall.

Go to it…

21 thoughts on “P&Q: Tarte Fine

  1. Ciao ! I made it few days ago and after trying to cut quarters in seven slices I used the first ugly apples as middle layer and used a potato peeler for nice and paper thin slices !

  2. I’m going to give “rough” puff pastry a go, it is somewhere between pie crust and puff pastry, both in flavor/texture and in time/effort to make (at least that is what the recipes I’ve read claim) – I’ll let you know if that is true :)

  3. I used Martha Stewart’s puff pastry recipe and it puffed beautifully, except in the middle where my apple slices were a bit thick. There they sat on a buttery mush, which wasn’t exactly a problem.

  4. By the way, just ate the rest of my tarte fine this morning after making it last night–contrary to Dorie’s caution to eat it within the hour, I liked it better cooled as breakfast pastry.

  5. This won’t be a helpful tip unless you live near a Wegman’s, but I found store-brand all-butter pastry there too. The box looks like the one I used to find at Trader Joe’s, so it’s probably all made at the same place.

  6. I found DuFour at my local Whole Foods.. it was a bit pricey, but well worth it. I also have the recipe for a quick-puff pastry that I’m going to try soon ($10 bucks a pop is way to much for one sheet.)

    I went with the playing around option and I have to agree wtih Leslie – fabulous.

    Katya: my boyfriend liked it cooled as well.

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