Fold-Over Pear Torte

I am not sure what my deal is with pears, but they are never a fruit I reach for. Ive subbed apples for almost every pear recipe thus far. Not this time. I am going to follow the recipe. Promise.

P&Q away!

42 thoughts on “Fold-Over Pear Torte

  1. My deal with pears is that I don’t like them. =) I will most likely substitute apples in mine. You know, because we don’t have enough apple recipes this month. =P

  2. Pears have a funny grainy texture…
    Or they are too soft and moooshy.

    Hm. But I might just stick to the recipe as is, because I feel obligated to give it a shot.

  3. I’m running short on time and I’m thinking of subbing puff pastry for the pie crust. I think I’ll have to weight it (maybe with another sheet pan) so the folded over part doesn’t puff too much. Any thoughts?

    • Puff pastry sounds perfect for this, Leslie. I don’t know if it would be too sticky for this, but maybe you could try the sweet tart-dough method of pressing it into the pan, chilling it, and using foil & beans or rice?
      ….I’ll have to reread the recipe. But that’s a brilliant idea. Puff pastry is so, so good. :~)

    • Mine didn’t come to the top of the springform (but I did use a 9″ pan), so not sure a sheet pan on top would help. I think the puffy pastry on top would be gorgeous, perhaps just make sure it touches the filling when you put it in the oven?

  4. I used very hard pears and they cooked up to a nice consistency, not mushy. Anyone know (for next time) how to stop the custard from turning grey overnight?

  5. I love the pears in the french almond tart, but I used apples in one and peaches in the other when I made this (added berries of course!)

    I would recommend brushing the crust with egg wash so it’s pretty! Mine didn’t brown enough with the covering and everything, but it tasted great.

  6. Would someone mind sending me a pic of how this thing is supposed to look? I plan on making it today, but cannot picture it at all. And that worries me.

  7. There’s something very old-fashioned about these…nuts and raisins very grandma/rugelach-esque. It’s not a really pretty one, but it tastes good. I made a weird error in my recipe halving and used a whole crust and a full sized pan for half the filling recipe, so I imagine mine looks a bit drier than some.

    • Everything turned out okay. Just be sure to really leave a lot of space between the custard and the top of the crust. As usual, I overanalyed the instructions until I confused myself. :)

  8. This was hard to visualize. I am not sure if I did it right. It smells wonderful and looks okay. We will taste it after it cools. I used toasted slivered almonds. For once, my pears were just the perfect ripeness.

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