Housecleaning is done

Hi all.  Over the past few weeks, I clicked through the side-bar list of baker’s links.  I removed anyone who hadn’t posted recently ( I went back to at least August) and consistently (following our rules of two posts per month).  If I mistakenly took you off the list, please let me know (e-mail me at iahawk89 at comcast dot net)  Google Reader will be updated soon to show the changes.

Thanks, everyone.  And happy baking!


3 thoughts on “Housecleaning is done

  1. Hi All!

    Unfortunately I was removed from the group during the Spring Cleaning. I was expecting it since I was not posting regularly due to the work hours I was keeping. I still plan on baking along with the group when I can though!
    It’s been a great learning experience baking along with this group and I’ve enjoyed it very much! Being able to virtually meet so many other bakers and share the same joy for baking is something I never imagined.
    Thanks so much to all of you for a really fun time and special thanks to Laurie for creating this opportunity for all bakers! I still can’t believe this group came to be because one day Laurie bought Dorie’s book!

    Lori Ann
    (LA’s in the Kitchen)

  2. I just realized I only posted once in Oct, and had planned on posting this week & next for Nov., but Thanksgiving chaos took over this week. I’m disappointed, but oh well, guess it’s my own fault! Just for future reference, I would have appreciated an email before being removed. With 3 kids, I personally am not always on the ball enough.

    Thanks, and happy baking everyone!!


    • Eek. Wish I could edit. That had a tone I didn’t intend! That’s what I get for typing with a 7 month old in my lap, and a 2 year old screaming in my ear. :)

      I’m disappointed in *myself* for not keeping up, but I am struggling more than I’d like to admit with too many committments!!

      It’s probably for the best that I’m not officially in the group, but I will still be baking along un-officially when I can!!


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