12 thoughts on “P & Q Devilish Shortcakes

  1. I think I’m gonna serve these with ice cream……maybe use up some dulce de leche from the snickery squares I made. Not sure yet.

    • Thanks, Caitlin; exactly what I was going to say! Plan your accompaniments when you bake these, to add sweetness and flavor. Also, the shortcakes are really huge if you divide the dough as Dorie specifies.

      • Good point by you as well! I used 1/4 cup instead of 1/3 cup (same as I used for the shortcakes when we made them this summer) and they were a much more manageable size. They baked up in about 13 minutes.

    • I’m making mine now. Just doing half the recipe, and I got 8 shortcakes (1/4 cup each). I added some mini chocolate chips to mine. (70g for the half recipe)

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