19 thoughts on “P & Q: Translucent Maple Tuiles

  1. I’ve always wanted to make cookies like this, so I am excited. I’ve tried making florentines before and it was a big fail so hopefully they will turn out better.

  2. MAKE THE BATTER NOW. Batter takes five minutes and can sit in your fridge all week.
    My most successful ones used a “shave” less butter than called for.
    If you want add ins, put them in before you refrigerate.
    Be prepared to bake tuiles with add ins for an extra minute and they’re tricky to get off the silpat. I chilled them before removing.
    I curled my plain ones over a 1″ dowel, not the rolling pin.
    If all else fails, they are mighty tasty, so just sprinkle them on something and call it a success.

  3. I just measured the dough ingredients and these are the weight conversions –

    2 oz butter (or a shave less if you follow Clivia’s suggestion, above)
    1 1/8oz brown sugar
    2 oz maple sugar
    2 oz flour

    Using a scale you can make the dough with one bowl, a sifter, a spoon, and whatever you use to mix with (I’ll use my hand mixer)

    Excited and nervous here – I wanted to make these to accompany a dessert for a dinner party I gave a few weeks ago, but I ran out of time preparing other dishes.

      • It seems I halved everything but the flour, because these aren’t lacy at all. Easy to get off the cookie sheet, though. That’s the second time today I’ve done that. Time to hang up my oven mitts for the day.

      • I hope that my measurements didn’t cause your problem with this batch, Mary – now I’m wondering if I weighed the flour correctly for the measurements I gave above — we’ll find out when I bake mine off tomorrow! In the meantime, you all had better double check the flour by volume.

      • No, it wasn’t you, it was definitely me! I did double check and have made yet another batch of batter, so we’ll see how it goes today. These little numbers are quickly becoming an obsession. I am determined to get them right! Thanks!

  4. OK, I baked some of my dough up, and here’s what I found:

    I had to play with the oven temperature and time a bit. The first batch was too low and ended up a bit pliable even when cool (although very delicious and chewy) so didn’t hold the curve. 375 for 8 minutes ended up being perfect.

    Also, the method I settled on was to cut 3″ squares of parchment, center a small ball of dough on each, and bake. Then I lifted the paper off the cookie sheet, peeled the cookie off and draped it. Covering the rolling pin or bottle with plastic wrap first really helped because these were pretty greasy when hot.

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