All new! Hot off the Presses! The recipes for January!

Laurie and I had quite a discussion about the anniversary recipe.  In the past Dorie chose (French Pear Tart) and it was put up to a vote (Tarte Tatin and Cocoa-Buttermilk Birthday Cake).  I said that she should pick since she started the whole thing and hasn’t had a chance to pick in two years.  She said I should pick because I’ve been helping out.  In the end we decided to choose together.  So without further ado, here are the picks for January 2011.

January 4 – Laurie of Slush and Jules of Someone’s In the Kitchen chose Midnight Crackles on page 74.  (New Year’s – Midnight.  Get it?)

January 11 – Margo of Effort to Deliciousness chose Chocolate Fluff Filled Madeleine on page 170 and 171.

January 18- Betsy of A Cup of Sweetness chose Lemon Poppyseed Muffins on page 10.

January 25- Jennifer of Cooking for Comfort chose Nutty Swirly Chocolatey Sour Cream Bundt Cake on page 182.

18 thoughts on “All new! Hot off the Presses! The recipes for January!

  1. I made the midnight crackles recently and they’re awesome. The chocolate fluff madeleines were my own second choice. They’re also delicious.
    It’s going to be a great month!

  2. Many, many, many thanks for posting the recipes so early! This helps me immensely. And am I excited about these recipes? Yes!! I’ve been wanting to bake the crackes for a long time; perfect anniversary/New Year’s recipe (they will be Christmas cookies for me…) I have a madeleine pan from Paris that will get inaugurated for the chocolate fluff choice. I was hoping for a bundt choice because I’m baking dessert for 30 for the homeless shelter and bundts are perfect! And last, but not least, lemon poppyseed muffins will make everybody around here very happy!

  3. Great choices! I’ve been broadly hinting about the “need” for a madeleine pan. If the gift givers in my house aren’t listening, I’ll have an excuse to go buy one for myself! I’m tempted by the silpat pans. Any thoughts?

  4. Thank you for posting this. I will be starting a new job with lots of travel, and now I will have a chance to bake and post! Oh, and I lost my camera cable. After a stop at Radio Shack, I will be posting another backlog of Dorie recipes. All of you keep me motivated and inspired!

  5. I am excited about these choices. There is not one that does not appeal to me. It is interesting that this morning, I decided to make the Midnight Crackles. The dough is sitting in my refrigerator, right now. Was I happy, when I saw it as one of the choices.

    I am using this as an excuse to get a madeline pan, I hope. I got a nice Chanukah present from my class and using it for baking “stuff” would be the best way to show my appreciation since I bake for the class.

    Thanks to everyone who chose these recipes.

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