P & Q: Cardamom Crumb Cake

So excited for this one at my house.  I love cardamom and I love cake!  It’s a win!


24 thoughts on “P & Q: Cardamom Crumb Cake

      • Don’t skimp on the cardamom! I ran out and didn’t have any for the topping. I also wasn’t sure about cardamom+coffee+orange, so left the orange out, but I thought it needed something.
        Ever had a snack cake made from a mix? That’s what this reminded me of.

      • I used fresh cardamom and thought there was plenty of cardamom flavor. It was awesome combined with orange, so I highly recommend using the zest. I couldn’t taste the coffee.

      • Yes, I always use fresh cardamom too. I could taste the coffee in mine, maybe because I left the orange out. I’ll have to make this one again.

  1. I opened up the little bag labeled cardamon and concluded that it is ancient. There was no fragrance at all! Tossed it and will bake this cake with fresh cardamon.

  2. So I get that it is called Cardamom crumb cake but I don’t have any cardamom and it’s a little tricky for me to track it down at the moment. Can I use nutmeg or cinnamon instead?

  3. Im going to get my rear in gear and try to make this today. My daughters birthday is this week and I swear that girl has me baking all week!! I will search in my spice rack for some cardamom..not sure if I have any. If I don’t Im using nutmeg like Caitlin suggested!

  4. In the oven. I made it into mini loaves to give as gifts……even though I haven’t tried it before. Daring!

    I might be way off….but could you use orange juice for coffee?

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