Google Reader or the LYL post?

I’m curious about how you get to the TWD bloggers.  Do you keep up through Google Reader where all posts are available, or do you just back here every Tuesday to find out who baked?  Do you use neither and just have your list of favorite blogs that you frequent?

Inquiring minds (well, maybe just mind.  mine?) want to know!


30 thoughts on “Google Reader or the LYL post?

  1. I use both as well. Most of my favorites are in my GR, but I like having the LYL page to easily see who has baked that I might not visit as frequently.

  2. I use everything. When I lyl, I check out a couple others who’ve left theirs before me, then I go to whoever commented on my last post, then I go to the blog list on my blog, then back to lyl and the next day I’ll check google reader.

  3. I have my favorites in Google Reader and don’t tend to use the LYL comments. It’s just easier for me, since people comment on the LYL posts for a few days in either direction of the official post date. If i relied entirely on the LYL posts, I’d probably miss some people’s posts.

  4. I read LYL through Google Reader (I subscribe to the Comments RSS and can see the LYLs that way) and I also have a separate Reader folder through which I can read everyone’s feeds.

    I have a core group I tend to comment on over and over, but I’m trying to branch out, as well as be better about returning comments.

  5. I rarely comment. I am so sorry. I feel like if I cant comment on all, I shouldnt comment on any. Or maybe I am lazy and I just say that to make it sound better. (so true.)

    I use google reader and glance at everyone’s weekly posts. But again, I rarely comment. See above. :P

  6. I usually just look in my reader. I WANT to get to all of them and just can’t seem to do it. (Stinkin’ life. jk)
    I try to at least get over to those who take the time to see mine.
    Thanks, all!
    I think the whole group is pretty great!

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