23 thoughts on “P & Q Citrus Currant Sunshine Muffins

  1. I made these last night. They were very good. I left out the lemon extract because I didn’t have any. Whether they would be better with it, I can’t say but they were just fine without. I also used a very scant 3/4 cup of cherry flavored craisins. I wish I had used more but that was what was in the cabinet. Definitely a repeat.

  2. I used whole wheat flour for half the recipe’s flour and these muffins were just fantastic! I cannot imagine them any other way. Don’t skip putting dried fruit in these, even if you don’t use currants. They would be good with any bright/tart dried fruit, like craisins or dried cherries.

    • I took the suggestion of using whole wheat flour and thought they were excellent with it.

      I did not have lemon extract, and did not really want to buy a bottle for a quarter teaspoon, so I just added some lemon zest.

  3. These were excellent – especially with currants splashed / soaked in a little grand marnier. I had an empty bottle of lemon extract, so used some lemon oil instead. Bright, sun-shiny muffins!

  4. Mine are in the oven right now. I only had about a tablespoon of currants, so I substituted coarsely chopped milk chocolate. We’ll see how they taste.

  5. I made these sans dried fruit-and I kept it in the orange family, orange juice instead of the lemon juice, orange extract instead of lemon extract. I can’t wait for these to come out of the oven!

  6. what do y’all think about frozen vs. dried fruit. i just found myself in this crazy israeli/polish store this afternoon and came out with frozen pitted sour cherries and frozen red currents. YES, frozen red currants.

  7. Hi everyone! So excited about all the positive feedback on these so far! I thought they were delicious and super easy to bake up! If anyone is on the fence – go for it, these are delicious muffins!

  8. I made these today and really enjoyed them. I didn’t have currants so I just used dried raisins. Love the orange zest! And I agree, not too sweet at all, which is really nice.

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