24 thoughts on “P & Q: Honey Nut Brownies

  1. I am using a dark blossom honey from Tahiti. Not sure on the nuts yet, maybe pecan…or almond. I’ve never had almonds in brownies so that might be fun.

    Have any of you guys ever used almonds in brownies?

  2. Am I the only one a little unsure of these? I’m so often pleasantly surprised by Dorie’s recipes but I still keep thinking the honey flavor is not going to be a hit. Dorie never let’s me down but I’m having a hard time taking the plunge with these!

  3. I used a generic honey – don’t do that! You really can taste & appreciate a more interesting honey in these. Almonds were what I had on hand, so those went it. It’s very faintly chocolatey, so I’d almost call these blondies rather than brownies. Oh, and since all I have is an 8-in square pan, I used that – baking time is just a wee bit longer, but honey caused it to brown pretty rapidly so I covered it for the final 15-20 minutes.

  4. I cut the honey back to 3/4 cup and increased the chocolate by 2oz. I thought they were over-the-top sweet… and not in a good way. Something about the honey and chocolate combo just didn’t mesh with me. Very moist brownies though! I used sliced almonds –

  5. clover honey, no nuts. made recipe as is otherwise.

    very sweet, very moist. beautiful brownies. baked up without a problem.

    the chocolate is a very faint afterthought as the honey certainly takes center stage so as Caitlin said, don’t use bad honey. if you are making these but honey isn’t your favorite stand alone flavor, i’d suggest tweaking it to scale back on the honey and up on he chocolate.

  6. I used a local honey. Mine took forever to bake, and I ended up having to tent the top with foil because it was burning while the middle was soupy. I did use a pyrex pan and I think this might have been part of the problem. My edges were very dark and almost burned but the middle appeared to be very moist.

    I baked these to give away but I tasted a small piece. I think I would focus on “honey and nut” rather than brownie in terms of taste. The honey flavor was very prominent, and I didn’t think that they tasted at all like a brownie. So, if you’re a chocolate lover and expecting a brownie then you might be disappointed. I ended up frosting them so that the chocolate was a little more pronounced.

  7. You won’t even notice the honey in these. My only issue with the ones I made were they are not super chocolatey tasting. More cakelike too. I mixed Karo Syrup in for half my honey though and it worked fine.

  8. I took the plunge and used chestnut honey because I had some and what I have to say is: use honey that you really like because you’ll taste it front and center. I’m going to echo everyone else and say these are not very chocolatey, and they are cakey. I made 1/4 recipe in a smallish loaf pan. If you don’t care for honey you could no doubt substitute another liquid sweetener such as Golden syrup or sorghum. I wonder if molasses would work with this recipe…

  9. I agree with most of you about these being cakey. I have not tasted them yet since I am bringing them to someone, tomorrow. Hope, I get a piece so I can let you know if they are any good, in our opinion.

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  11. Truely, I think there is something fishy about the baking time. I’m in for almost an hour and still not close. Probably should use a 9×13 pan, not square…. well, we’ll see….

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