P & Q: Coffee Ice Cream Tart

Looking forward to this one!  But who’s going to make it full sized vs. mini?  Who’s going to sub in another ice cream flavor?  Questions?  Answers!

15 thoughts on “P & Q: Coffee Ice Cream Tart

  1. I’m so excited that it’s my pick!! However, when I chose an ice cream tart a few weeks ago, it felt like the warm weather of Spring was right around the corner. Boy was I wrong! I’m gonna put on an extra layer and eat some ice cream! Haha :)

  2. I made this last year and had a problem with cutting the tart. The crust is rock hard when frozen, so I let it thaw a bit, but then the ice cream starts to melt. Then it runs all over. You get the picture. Interested to see how others’ turn out! Great idea for a tart though!

    • It was easy to cut the mini tarts I made after I took them completely out of their tins and cut them on a cutting board. The crust, however, was very hard–we ended up picking up half a tart and eating it like an ice cream sandwich.

  3. I think I’ll use my new mini tart pans and make some mini-tarts. I’m looking forward to this one, even though it’s not ice cream eating weather here yet! (However, I can probably just put it outside to chill, rather than take up space in my freezer!)

  4. I had a lot of trouble with the crust. Maybe because I made 4″ tarts. It was gooey and didn’t apply evenly. the taste was okay, but I won’t used the crust again.

  5. Homemade fresh mint ice cream is steeping right now. And I probably am going with minis. And now after reading the P&Q’s, I’ll probably make a different crust as well.

    • I just bought a mint plant today [to plant for mint ice cream during the summer]! My anise ice cream selection went over like a rock [much like the crust].

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