Want to host again? Read this!

Hello TWD friends!  As you may have noticed, we are nearing the end of our baker’s rotation.  We have hosts through the end of May, but we have recipes to keep us baking through the rest of the year.  So, here’s what we propose:  We will hold a lottery of sorts.  If you are interested in hosting again, leave a comment on this post.  Hosts will be randomly chosen for the remainder of the weeks.  (We figure there will be 28 more weeks available for hosting)  Members in good standing are eligible to choose a recipe and host for another week.  Good standing = baking a minimum of two times a month.  There will be a “house-cleaning” at the end of April for those who have not been participating.  We’ll also post a list that has the remaining available recipes on it.

Happy baking!


51 thoughts on “Want to host again? Read this!

  1. I’d love to host again too – especially considering the my original recipe (Lemon Custard Cups) was none too popular! And I know you said it would be a random drawing…but I just thought I’d throw it out there that I’ve never missed a week since joining three years ago. Just in case that gives me an edge. ;)

    • Bridget! I have to give you serious kudos for not missing a recipe. That is incredibly impressive! I’m behind a bit and playing catchup…it’s delicious but crazy hard.

  2. Just a quick note to say how much I have enjoyed participation with the group but have stopped quite some time ago. Please remove me from the bakers list and thanks again for allowing me to be a part!

  3. I joined quite a while back and haven’t had the opportunity to be in the rotation yet to host! I know I haven’t baked much this past month or so, but I am pregnant and haven’t even cooked but 5 meals my whole first trimester! Yikes! Now I’m officially in my 2nd and ready to bake again! Please put me into the rotation. Pretty please!

  4. Hey peeps! Everyone who was somehow overlooked for hosting will be put on the current rotation and the rest will be stuck in a lottery for the remaining weeks. :) Bake on..

  5. I’m up for hosting again and I also love rewind weeks. Not that I need an official week for a rewind. I just toss them into my life when I want to bake something or something additional for some reason or another. I’m a tad behind in posting, but not as far behind in baking! I’m not saying winning this lottery would make up for my failing to win the MegaMillions, but it couldn’t hurt!

    • P.S.: I currently may not do every weeks recipe (but almost) because it’s Lenten season and some recipes I just can’t make without tasting – hope that’s no problem, but except last week and maybe this coming week (where I will do a rewind instead) I guess I made all the recipes on the schedule.

  6. Please don’t delete me! I am just coming off of maternity leave and ready to get back into my TWD. I’d looooove to host again, too! :-)

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