12 thoughts on “P & Q: A Tourtely Apple Tart

  1. I’m taking a pass on this one. Hehe. I really just wrote that without thinking that the reason I’m skipping it because of Passover. I’ll have unleavened goodies for my house.

      • Mealy apples are the worst. My mom bought red delicious when we were kids all the time. While I appreciate that she made sure we had fruit in the house, they were always mealy as can be. I refuse to eat red delicious to this day. :/

    • I agree with, red delicious are far from the implied title. What is it about moms and red delicious apples? I always had one in my lunch bag, and I always tried trading them for Little Debbies…it never worked. :P

      • We always had MacIntosh apples in our lunch bags and my mom baked with them also – they were all-purpose apples for us! In this tart I used an assortment of farm apples from my CSA, but I wish I had used tart apples. There’s a LOT of crust and a more assertive apple filling would have been better.

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