P & Q Basic Marbled Loaf Cake

Or, not so basic?  Are you going to stick with the standard chocolate/vanilla, or will you try a variation?

33 thoughts on “P & Q Basic Marbled Loaf Cake

  1. When planning to make this before, I bought really good (and expensive!) white chocolate which somehow slipped out of my grocery bag in the parking lot. I ended up using not-so-great white chocolate chips which didn’t melt smoothly. Nonetheless, the cake was wonderful! I may try a variation this time, or at least make sure I don’t lose my chocolate.

  2. I made the peppermint version and it was tasty!! I must admit that I couldn’t pick out the white chocolate flavor, but it was still delicious! If you want to save yourself a headache, use a bar version of white chocolate to make this rather than store bought chips as they have a coating to prevent melting.

    I will try the chocolate orange next time!

    • I made the peppermint version as well. The white chocolate flavor was very subtle as the peppermint was incredibly strong.

      Verdict is still out on how much I like this…it was good but I don’t usually gravitate to peppermint flavor in baked goods.

      Anyone else having fun beating the heck out of the batter int he beginning! Oh the loveliness and yummy smells.

  3. I’m not feeling the chocolate for some reason. What I’m picturing, though, is pink swirls… maybe some pink food coloring? But what flavoring? Hmmmm….

  4. I did the black and white / dark chocolate and white chocolate. I used the correct size of pan but the cake still overflowed. Has anyone else ran into this problem? I’m guessing the addition of 8 oz of chocolate (4 white and 4 dark) was enough that I should have used the next size pan up since there wasn’t a lot of overflow. Either way, it was delicious. The flavors really come through best when it’s cooled cometely.

      • I’ve got 8 muffins (6 would have overflowed) baking right now.

        Did anyone else’s chocolate half of the batter thicken up A LOT more than the vanilla batter? I have a feeling my marbling isn’t going to be that nice, but I’m sure the muffins/cupcakes will taste good anyway!

      • My chocolate overtook the white (mint) batter and I divided evenly. Strange – I got streaks of white mixed in mostly chocolate. Might do 1/4 choco and 3/4 white next time – delicious though!

      • yeah, mine wasn’t really marbled. I did the peppermint version and was nervous to blend them too much.

        Top is white, bottom is blog. Kinda cute though.

    • I have a confession to make. I never ever ever put pans on a baking sheet unless I expect overflow, even though Dorie’s recipes usually ask you to do so. I skipped the baking sheet on this one and had no oven explosions.

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