June recipes! June recipes? It’s almost June?

So excited for this batch of recipes!  Yes, I say that often, but this time I really mean it!

June 7 Cindy of Everyday Insanity chose Blueberry-Brown Sugar Plain Cake on page 36
June 14 Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes chose Chocolate Biscotti on page 144
June 21 Mary of Popsicles and Sandy Feet chose Date-Nut Loaf on page 228
June 28 Spike of Spike Bakes chose Sour Cream Chocolate Cake Cookies on page 160

9 thoughts on “June recipes! June recipes? It’s almost June?

  1. Great picks. I can’t wait to make all of these, especially blueberry-brown sugar plain cake! This will also be my first time attempting biscotti since I’ve missed/skipped the other times.

    Spike – great pick on the sour cream chocolate cake cookies. I made them a few months ago and loved ’em.

  2. When I made a list of the recipes that haven’t been made I was surprised. So many good recipes to choose from! I had quite a list but the blueberry plain cake was the winner. I see yummy blueberries at affordable prices. Tis the berry season!
    Enjoy all the yummy June dishes!

  3. These look awesome. Can’t wait to make them all-although, I’m gonna have to substitute something for dates in the date nut loaf…..

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