10 thoughts on “P & Q: Chocolate Chunk Muffins

  1. definitely sweet. but i’d still call them muffins since they lack frosting. I made them last year, but will totally make them again! this time i’m adding in 2 oz. more of chunks.

  2. I made these so long ago that I forgot about them! My notes tell me I made mini muffins and they need more chocolate (as others note above). Might make some blueberry muffins this week while trying to track down the picture of these mini muffins…

  3. I added a teaspoon of espresso powder to boost the chocolate flavor and half an ounce more chunks and it still wasn’t enough. Mine were a little dry so you may want to replace some of the butter with vegetable oil to make them more moist.

  4. I made mine yesterday and as I said above I decided to add 2 oz. more of chocolate chunks. They were perfect!

    The Amano Chocolate I used was amazing. It’s made in my hometown of Orem, Utah…it’s an Artisan bean-to-bar company that has been winning a ton of awards. I used Amano Madagascar that has natural notes of citrus and berries that really pulled out. Lovely.

    If any of you are interested, it also makes the best chocolate ice cream!

    • My husband bought me some bars of Amano chocolate this past Valentine’s Day. Mmmmm! Good stuff. I would have a hard time using it in muffins though–it’s too good just on its own. Now we need to go tour the place!

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